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      Rode it for the first time last year and it’s AWESOME! If you haven’t ridden it, it’s only open twice a year. Practice and Niner/Spot demo this’ Saturday, racing on Sunday.

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      I’m guessing none of you guys made it to Gainesville.. Holy crap, the course was a BEAR! Very, very technical with some steep, steep, rooty, rocky drops. Since I’m an old fart and have been riding less than a year, I was PROUD to have made all of them without bailing or killing myself! Lots of peeps going down on their butts and lots of riders walking up some of the climbs. Including me. Sore as balls this morning.

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      I went, I had a blast! Beautiful scenery, and very challenging trails with uphills and downhills to test your skill. I cannot wait to ride them again. I will have to build my skill so that I can bail less next time. AWESOME trails!!!!! I wish they were open year-round or you could buy a membership or something.

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      I didn’t race on Sunday but took my bike and rode to different areas to cheer a few of my friends on. I found ALOT more trails stashed away there. Some were part of the motocross track. I wish I could just sneak in there about once a week..

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      "jmitch" wrote

      I wish I could just sneak in there about once a week..

      ME TOO!!!!!!

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