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      I was contemplating picking up the gt ricochet sport plus from dicks sporting goods for 600. It’s either that or wait until next year and look at a specialized ruze or a cannondale cujo. Is the gt an alright bike? I am questioning the quality of gt.

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      Any opinions?

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      I have no opinion on the bike but you should consider somewhere different than Dick’s. I don’t think you will be satisfied with the service.

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      I still have a GT Rebound from 97-98 or so. Back when Gary Turner had the company, bikes built here in California.  All GT’s these days are made in Asia. Unfortunately, I’ve not heard anything good about the newer GT bikes.

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      I would go to a bike shop such as Performance and invest the money…even the $600 there.  You will get properly fitted for the bike and most likely better components for the money you spend.  I bought my Fuji mtb there and was so happy with the service and money investment that I go back and even get help to tune my bike etc.  They are very helpful in answering any questions and even let you ride the bike in the parking lot to see if you like it.

      Shop around and you may get more bang for the buck with a higher quality bike.

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      I don’t disagree with the advice about visiting your LBS.  If it were me, at this price point, I would also consider bikesdirect:

      This bike is much better spec’ed for the $$.  Biggest issue, however, is that you can’t test ride it.

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      GT Ricochet is a good bike in its price range.   You can upgrade parts on this bike when you get the money (customize it with parts you want)

      the only thing you will need right away is a new front derailer.



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