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    Just bought the bike from Dicks last month. I’ve upgraded the Handle Bars, pedals, and grips. Need good advice on a fork replacement, cranks and more. This bike is entry level spec’d so its hard finding quality accessories and im new and not to sure where to go. I need some guidance. Amazon and Joy Ride Bikes in Lacey Washington have been helpful and this is it for now. No other bike. Here are current specs:


    I like the Race Face Atlas line. I already added the blue 1.75″ rise bars, white Chester grips, BC Titanium pedals, and want more….

    I have no riding dicipline yet but im learning. I like Phil Kmetz riding style and would like to really have fun on the mountain.

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    I don’t think you want to spend a ton of money on this bike. Kind of defeats the purpose, ya know? BUT,…..

    Two upgrades to consider are better tires (tyres for you foreigners) and a dropper seatpost. Which tires should be determined by the terrain you ride. If you pay attention to what other “good” riders are rolling on at your local trails, there’s a good clue as to what tires you’d enjoy.

    A dropper post isn’t cheap, but when you decide to upgrade to a better bike (as your skills and confidence and wallet improve) just take it with you and put the original seatpost back on the GT.

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    Ride up grades, not upgrades.


    Eddy Mercx.


    That said, the best bang for your buck, that will actually change the riding experience for the better is to replace your coil fork with an air fork.  It is becoming increasingly hard to find air forks with straight steerer tubes (but they are out there) and 9mmQR dropout.


    None of the other “flaws” with that bike and many other entry-level bikes are going to make much difference to a beginning rider.

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    Returned the GT for a full refund last Sunday and purchased a Norco Charger. My left crank arm broke (crankarm fell off on last ride), and Dicks Sporting Goods (USA), failed to remedy the problem so I returned the bike and warranty. Pass on the GT Aggressor pro.

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      Shame that you had that experience, but it appears that you have a lot better bike that you wont have to think about upgrading for a while.  Congrats on the new ride.

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    Looks like you “upgraded” quite a bit… Too bad you had to go through the broken bike issues, but you ended-up with a pretty good bike that shouldn’t need anything for quite some time. I love it when things just work out!


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