Grounded for 6 months :(

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      Barely two minutes into the ride I went over a dropoff I’ve done plenty of times before, but this time my right bar snagged a sapling. Going way too fast to recover, I went down hard on my right side. After lying there catching my breath for a couple minutes, I noticed something didn’t quite feel right. I started feeling up my upper arm and around to my shoulder when I felt the sharp tip of my clavicle poking out just underneath the skin.

      Fortunately I wasn’t very far in from my car – maybe 1/2 a mile. I got up and walked about halfway before I started going blind in my right eye and getting dizzy. I lied back down for a couple minutes and then finished my way back to the trailhead where I hollered for some help. Some kid helped put my bike back on my car and I drove myself to the hospital.

      The X-ray showed the center inch or two of my clavicle was shattered. (I’ll upload a picture if I can figure out how.) I went home after 4 hours with a sling. I got a surgical consultation the following Monday and an ORIF surgery done on Thursday, where he put a plate and 8 screws across the top, and a bone graft and suture wrap to hold all the middle pieces in place.

      The pain following the surgery was excruciating, but the most painful thing is that the surgeon says I won’t be riding singletrack for another 6-8 months. WAAAAHHH!!!

      It still feels really uncomfortable 1.5 weeks later, but not too much pain. Sleeping on my back sucks. Still can’t roll on my side very well. Anyone have some experience they can bestow upon me that might help with healing or sleeping or any other way? It’d be much appreciated.

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      Wow, Sorry to hear what has happened to you. I am also off my MTB for another 6-10 months. Broke 1L1 and compressed t12.I ride a roadie also so I am back on that finally and enjoying it a lot. It will help to keep my legs in shape also! With your injury it may take a bit longer to get back.

      As for sleeping I lay on myb back and read till I fall asleep. At first it was a lot of reading. 2- months later it is much better. I broke my clavical when I was much younger and all I could do was just wait till I was just dog tiredand my body would just crash. Real hard to sleep without moving your arm or shoulder!

      Hope you have a speedy recovery!

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      Ugh! Back fractures are no fun. I had an L3 compression fracture when I was 16. Fortunately it was pretty much problem free by 6 weeks later, but that first week was filled with excruciating pain. It’ll be two more months before my surgeon will let me start riding on the road again. I have a hybrid I’m building. I’ll put on a new front derailleur and it should be good to go by those two months. Glad to read your recovery is going well and you’re able to ride [i:2ufu0cb9]something[/i:2ufu0cb9]. All the best to ya for the rest of it.

      I think I figured out how to upload the X-ray:


      And here’s the repair:


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      Man, sorry to hear about the crash! Seems like there have been a bunch of serious ones this summer!

      I had a major surgery that required me to sleep on my back for about 3 months. I also couldn’t lay flat, so had to sleep propped up at a 45 degree angle. Only advice I can give you is that you get used to it after a while. I was on some major pain killers for the first couple months, so it was actually fairly easy to fall asleep.

      I was off the dirt for about a year. I focused on my road bike heavily. When I got back onto dirt, my stamina was better than it had ever been. The technical skills took a hit from the absence, but they came back pretty quick.

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      I feel you! Broke my foot at the end of July, almost back on the bike. Hope you can get on the bike soon!


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      Helluva story… Hope you heal up quick!

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      Oh man, that sucks, IntelligentDesigner!

      I’m currently healing from my second broken clavicle (I broke my left 2.5ish years ago.) Luckily, neither have required surgery.

      For the sleeping: definitely sleep on your back, as if you had a choice. For the first one, I used a bunch of pillows and started over 45 degrees and slowly lowered it as I healed. For this one, we have a recliner that I used and it worked pretty well. If you can get help raising out of bed, you might want to try that for a while. I was/am the most sore in the morning.
      I’m not sure how much trouble you had falling asleep before the accident, but make sure you don’t have any caffeine within 4ish hours of bed (to include chocolate) and try not to watch TV right before bed. Reading or listening to the radio is "better" for falling asleep. Finally, make sure the room is dark and the cool side so it’s easier to fall asleep.

      Heal up fast!

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      When I would get grounded, I was never allowed to use the internet! Consider yourself lucky! 😆 I had a clavical separation about a year ago which tore out my shoulder ligaments. Fortunately for you, bones heal faster and stronger but screws in your bones are downright painful. I was off the bike for about 4 months and even after a winter, spring, and summer of catching up, I’m still weak and gun shy. I’ve slept in a recliner for 6 weeks then on a couch, as the backrest could support my shoulder. I was on the couch another 3 months. I still get sore but as for range of motion and strength recovery, look at close to a year. You lose muscle faster than you gain it. You will most likely have some free time allowing you to watch TV and gain 20 lbs 😏 Use an exercise bike to keep your legs strong and definitely do the physical therapy as recommended for the fastest recovery. Good luck to you!

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      "Jeremy Saltzer" wrote

      definitely do the physical therapy as recommended for the fastest recovery.


      For the first clavicle, I did my rehab workouts almost religiously. I was back and functioning at almost full strength in six weeks after getting cleared.

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      put on a new front derailleur and it should be good to go by those two months. Glad to read your recovery is going well and you’re able to ride something. All the best to ya for the rest of it.Image

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