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      I live in the southeast and in the summer heat a lot of perspiration occurs and flows down my hands onto my bar into and under my lock on ODI grips. I use aluminum bars and this creates corrosion between the grips and bar. Has anyone found a solution to stop the salt corroison from persiration under the grips?



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      Do you wear gloves?

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        No. I do not typically wear gloves in the summer. I have been trying to find another way but, That may be the easiest solution.


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        Not sure what kind of trails you ride, but gloves have a big protective benefit, as well as grip.  I ride in Texas and it’s hot as hell three-plus months a year and I would never ride without gloves.

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      Ergodyne Chill-Its 6500 Absorptive Moisture-Wicking Wrist Sweatband, Black

      Around 3 bucks or so.

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      The wrist band is a good idea to control the sweat.  But I would also highly recommend wearing gloves at least for the protection.  I used to wear half fingered gloves in the summer because I thought it would be cooler.  But after one broken finger and one dislocation I went to full fingered gloves with a little extra protection.  I started with Fox Dirtpaw gloves but the quality of the ones I purchased was questionable (I had two pairs rip within a month).  Switched to the Bomber gloves and they’ve been great.   I’ve worn these in 100 degree heat without issue.

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      +3 on the gloves.  I can’t imagine summer riding without them, because I sweat like a pig


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      You don’t have to spend a lot of money on gloves. I buy cheap gloves from Home Depot where you can get a pack of 3 pair for just $10. That’s $3.33 per pair. They look almost just like bike gloves and have leather palms and fabric backs. Suprisingly, they last just as long as expensive bike gloves. I also like that gloves keep my hands from getting sunburn. In my experience and I know it is counter-intuitive, wearing full-finger gloves keeps my hands cooler than wearing fingerless gloves or no gloves at all. The fabric soaks up the sweat and helps it evaporate more quickly—sort of like an evaporative cooler. Try it out. It’s not going to cost much if you decide you don’t like gloves.

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      OK, so gloves it is! I have some decent cycling half fingered gloves I use in the winter months. I just always assumed they would be too uncomfortable in the summer. Thanks everyone!

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      Try a pair of 100% RideFit gloves. Pretty cheap and very comfortable.

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        Yeah if you don’t find yourself bashing trees or rocks or dipping your bar ends (and hands) through sticker or thorny bushes on turns, you may not need the extra protection of some of the heavier duty and more expensive gloves that have “knuckle armor” and the like.  I have had both Fox and Dakine inexpensive (<$20) gloves that have been quite nice.

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      Took my chances on some minimalist half fingered gloves for $10 on ebay. I am not expecting much. Just testing the perspiration absorption properties. Any suggestions on minimalist gloves that are designed for absorption?

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        OldAndRolling, one note from my experience riding in North Texas (100+ degrees with 80%+ humidity) is that finger-less gloves are a b***h to get off after a ride.  I’ve been using full finger gloves for along time.

        Any glove can work, but I’d just make sure there isn’t any bunching up in the palm.  That makes things uncomfortable and worse when it’s hot.  For summer, I use Giro Bravo Gel LF gloves.  Light, breathable, minimal (comfortable) padding.  Less than $20 on Amazon.

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      Just addressing the corrosion; hose your grips off after your ride?

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      Carbon bars won’t corrode. Problem solved. Buy yourself a Christmas present 🙂

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