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      I just discovered this forum, so I thought I’d drop in and introduce myself. I’m more of a summertime keep in shape for winter rider than a lycra clad hammerhead, but I do enjoy a nice XC ride! I currently ride on a low end Specialized hard tail and it has served me very well for 3 summers, although the Suntour fork is about to die on me. I am slowly building a 29er as deals present themselves, I should be able to complete this epic 2 year build by summers end with a bike that should weigh in less than 30 lbs! Anyway, I wish everyone a fantastic year with nice tacky trails and very little poof dust! (we tend to get a lot that during our hot, dry summers; cough, cough!)

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      Hey Jeff, welcome to the forum! I’ve heard that the rising in Idaho is amazing, especially in Sun Valley. Whereabouts are you located?

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      I live in the Boise area, home of superbuff singletrack right out one’s front door. That is said tongue in cheek. Our trails in the lower foothills near town are hit hard by lots and lots of users, needless to say the trails are fairly wide and not too technical. But that changes rapidly as one gains alititude and gets farther from the non-true believers stomping grounds. I haven’t rode my bike in the Sun Valley/Ketchum area, but many of my friends have, and they all rave about it!

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