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      1) Anyone know who is liquidating Performance/Nashbar?

      2) If possible should PF30 be avoided? Been looking at frames and one of the top contenders has PF30. I have heard horror stories. Since I don’t have the frame already should I keep looking?

      3) What are ride impressions of Rockshox Recon forks? I have been trying to find a bike to suggest to my dad and it seems that at the $1,000 mark for a hardtail they all have it. Rockshox tries to sell it as a slightly heavier Reba but the little I have read about it seems worse.

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      That is quite the grab bag! 🙂

      1. Not sure what you mean. Are you asking if there is a third party in charge of the liquidation sales at their retail stores? I read someone bought the Performance and Nashbar websites and trademarks, but I think the retail and inventory part is separate.

      2. IMO, PF30 is only a problem if you’re trying to replace/maintain the BB yourself at home. But yeah, that’s one of the things on my list I try to avoid when shopping for a new bike.

      3. The Recon is a decent fork for the $$. It is heavy, but I would say the performance level is generally enough for beginner/intermediate riders.

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      Hey Jeff. Thanks for the answers. For 1), the performance and nashbar sites have already switched over to amain’s platform and with their inventory. Shame because I thought the nashbar website was pretty user friendly.

      I assume whatever bikes (etc.) that nashbar had still exists somewhere. Some stuff could probably be sold elsewhere but the nashbar branded stuff (including some value packed bikes) will have to be liquidated.

      Hoping that (crosslake sales) gets them. They have been great when I have bought from them before.

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      This is probably overkill, but I stay away from PF altogether.  It seems great for the manufacturer, but not for the user.  There are so many good bikes out there today, that I use PF as a way to weed out a whole bunch of models.  I hope PF is gone in the next couple of years.  It was a bad idea (for the user) from the start.

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        I too only buy bikes with external BSA bottom brackets, as I like a quiet bike that I can work on with my own tools. PF tools are expensive and cumbersome.

        If you do buy a bike with a PFBB you can typically swap the pressed bearings for a PF system that threads together in the center. Wheels Manufacturing and several other BB manufacturers make them.

        The threaded PF typically takes care of the creaking noises that PFBB’s are known for. Some brands, Specialized for example, glue the BB bearings in place to keep them quiet.

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      Couple more questions to throw into the mix.

      4) I replaced my wheels and I am in the process of setting them up. I need to tape them and I am going to start with tubes for now. The issue is they have mis-matched valve holes (one Schrader and one Presta). I don’t want to carry two different styles of spare tubes. I have heard there are gaskets from Schrader to Presta (I assume that will not work with a tubeless set up). The guy at the shops said I could probably drill out the Presta to Schrader size (that sounds risky). I suppose one answer is obvious (Presta spare tube and gasket) but interested in other perspectives.

      5) Getting new tires. To go with my new wheels, I want better tires. The tires that came with the bike literally have no side knobs. Nice for Ray’s but don’t even have enough traction for up hill. I’m tempted to get the knobbiest toughest tire but that is probably overkill for Ohio. What are some cheap recommendations for trail tires?

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      4) wheels mfg and some amazon vendors sell “valve stem savers” – essentially grommets to plug the Schrader hole in your rim to fit a presto instead. Please use these instead of drilling your rim – that can have catastrophic results.


      5) Not exactly sure what your riding in Ohio, but Id assume your running 2.25′ tires?  If your looking for cheaper, but good options Id look into IRC tires or Onza tires. Both have good build quality, but will be about half the price of an equivalent Maxxis item.

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      indyfabz’s Avatarindyfabz , 10-17-18 12:44 PM
      Don’t have any friends that can drive you to go canoeing? Or is that not allowed when LCF?

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      my first bike was heavy as a tank, it was very difficult.

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      Update on Nashbar bikes. They are starting to show up on

      So if you had your eye on one before they went under, you might get one more chance.

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