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      Im looking for a waterproof/resistant,  GPS enabled Strava compatible mtb computer that is cheaper. Really only want it for strava instead of my phone. Any advice?

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      I’d like the same, but I can’t help much. Hope you get some responses.

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      The Garmin Edge 20 is the cheapest cycling GPS from a major brand I know of. It retails for about $130 and is sold on JensonUSA, Amazon, etc.

      The Garmin eTrex 10 is even cheaper (you can find it for around $80-90) but it’s not specifically for cycling. You can get a bike mount for the eTrex 10 but by the time you do that, you’re getting close to the cost of the Edge. However, if you’re just planning to shove the GPS in a pocket or pack, the eTrex will work just fine and save a few $$.

      Finally, if you don’t mind going off-brand and taking a risk, Amazon sells “Bryton” cycling GPS units that start at like $65. Oh, and here’s a GPS that even claims it works with Strava in the product title–for $37! If you end up getting this one, I’m really interested to know how well it works. Heck, I might just have to pick one up to test!

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      I’d go for the Garmin Edge 25, it’s a far superior product to the 20 simply for its connectivity. It has blue tooth so can upload to your smartphone/tablet, (the 20 is limited to uploading via a cable and a PC/Mac) and ANT+ for HRM and speed/cadence sensors. Both the 20 and 25 have a basic navigation feature where you can upload a road route and the unit will prompt you to make turns. That said it works well off road as a simple head unit allowing you access to basic navigation data like distance, elapsed time and average speed.

      I use a Garmin Fenix 2 myself but three of the people I ride with regularly use the Edge 25 specifically for Strava and think it’s a great product. Leyzine also makes some similar products at similar price points which many in my riding club swear by.

      Take a look at Garmin’s VivoSmart HR+ (the standard VivoSmart HR does NOT have GPS) too, aimed more at the running/lifestyle crowd but reasonably priced and has the benefit of doing HR without an ECG strap.

      As mentioned above the eTrex line can be bike mounted but they lack any connectivity and as opposed to the units I mentioned previously, which are essentially single button operation, recording your rides correctly involves quite a few steps. And getting the data off them is more time consuming and less convenient than with Garmin Connect compatible devices.

      Garmin products (I don’t work for them, honest!) also get you access to the excellent Garmin Connect platform, which automatically sends your rides to Strava and is a far more powerful training tool than Strava or Strava Premium.

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        Rupert, is the extra for the Garmin 25 over the 20 worth the Bluetooth upload to you? I saw its about 50 bucks or so. They are both above what I wanted to spend, but Id like to get the best for the money. Appreciate the response

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      Good recommendations Rupert!

      I went ahead and ordered the Trywin $37 GPS to see what it’s about. Look for a review on the site later this summer… 🙂

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      Hi Brock,

      The connectivity is well worth the extra money in my opinion. I know some people do genuinely love the whole process of sitting in front of their computer and uploading their rides, it’s part of their post ride ritual; on the other hand I greatly appreciate that it all happens automatically while I’m packing the bikes up and herding the kids back in to the car. On the odd occasion when I’m riding with mates and have time for a coffee afterwards it’s nice to be able to look at the ride and compare segments while we’re sat in the café.
      The 25 has BTLE (Blue Tooth Low Energy) and ANT+ so is about as future proof and well connected as you can make it. And I f you have an interest in training you’ll want an HRM strap at some point and possibly speed and cadence sensors which the 20 just won’t talk too.


      Hope this helps,


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      Jeff, later this summer? But but how is that going to help me NOWWW? haha. I look forward to it. The few reviews were really good.


      Thanks Rupert.  Exactly what I wanted to know.

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