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      Soooo… I put this GoPro video together just to highlight some areas of a local trail. I rode this place for days getting ideas of where to set the camera up. By day 4, I was a little tired however, the next day was still fun and worth it.

      I think one part was too fast to read the text really, but aside from that… I was wondering how many of you have done things like this and also, if you have any "mad" skills or tips? The video was shot 720 ProTune 48fps, so when it came to editing and zoom, I lost some clarity. Thanks for all your input.

      Also, you can comment on YouTube, how bad I suck at production. Thanks again and take care.


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      What are you editing on?

      So quick tips, edit your cuts on the beat and try to keep the length of the clips approximately the same. (i.e. too long can get boring). Having a series of shorter clips cutting at the beat in succession can be pretty cool. Plan the climax of the the clip to hit on the beat (i.e. landing the jump).

      When using text, try and stick with 1 clean font use one simple color (white is always good). And limit your words, less is more.

      When placing words and more importantly setting up shots remember the rule of thirds. Keep the main action, the best you can, to a line in the thirds.

      Right on though, looks like you had a ton of fun.

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      Thanks man, I appreciate that. I wasn’t trying to line the music up on this one. I wasn’t going to take time to do all that. Just trying it all out as far as what I can do during editing. I used the GoPro Studio. Thanks again.

      Take care,

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      I’d pick up a chesty. The stationary are really good but I like a little more action and the current riding shots could use some work. The chesty should be more stable and give the viewer a more 1st person perspective.

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      I bought a chesty this spring and that is what I used to shoot the video. Just wrap the straps around trees and branches, secure the clip and it’s good to go. Pretty useful. 😃 It did not work too well around the frame though (shaky), I need to get the bar clamp mount and try multiple angles with that. I do have some chesty videos from the early spring that are good, but it looks like winter to some people.

      Take care,

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