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      One of my B.O.M.B. and International Christian Cycling riding buddies, Don, suffered a crash while riding his bike to work Friday. Details of the crash are sketchy, as he was alone, but he hit a concrete wall hard enough to crack his helmet in two and break his neck. He ended up in a coma, with no brain activity and unable to breath without a ventilator. The doctor said his injuries were consistent with being shot out of a cannon headfirst into a wall.

      His family made the decision to stop life support yesterday, and he passed quickly.
      The team leader of our local club put it best:

      The world is a sadder place today. Don was a caring and sharing kind of guy. He always had a spare tube or the right tool or the right knowledge (weather, hydration, nutrition, directions, endurance, etc). We will miss him terribly on our BOMB rides. I’m sure the kids that he helped on the IC3 Junior Team will miss him as well. And he leaves a big hole in the IC3 club because Don was frequently leading rides, volunteering to help with races, and participating in just about everything.

      He was a great guy in general and he was fun to ride with. He will be missed. 😢



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      Wow. Do they think this was a solo accident, or that he was hit by a vehicle before crashing into the wall. Either way, a terrible tragedy.

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      I believe it was solo, but I’m still waiting to hear those details.

      Here’s a tribute over at the American Cycling Association’s website. … Number=175

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      Very sad news indeed… 😢

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      I am sorry to hear, thoughts and Prayers

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