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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this website and was hoping you guys can suggest some great single track trails to go to toward the end of March. I am not very familiar which ones would be covered in snow and not good to ride on. I am in Illinois and was looking at trails in Colorado and possibly North Carolina but I am open to other places.Thanks in advance for your comments!

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    Hey there and welcome to the site!

    If you decide to head to Western NC, there’s a bunch of destination trail networks.

    Brevard is the type of spot that has bed & breakfasts run solely for mountain bikers so they can pedal into the trails from the porch. A lot of the cliche biker, beer and bad-for-you food places as well.

    Tsali is super close to that and a lot of people consider that a great trail system for spending a few days. Camp sites and four main loops. The loops are shared between horses and bikes. Horses and bikes get exclusive access to two of the loops each day. The next day it switches, so you have to be there two days to ride all of the trails.

    Across the gorges into TN, you have Brush creek/Tanasi and Chilowee. Both areas offer campsites. Great riding.

    A little south into GA, you have the Pinhoti trail system. Great trail networks(and huge) but popular, so if you want a sense of seclusion, steer away from these.

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    In Colorado you can hit up parts of the Colorado trail, and in Fruita 18 road. Monarch Crest in Crested Butte is premo too. A little of western NC in Georgia there is Bear Creek and my first official MTB trail the Hicory Nut Trail (a SUPER sketchy trail full of SUPER rutted up forest service road, and a SUPER over grown logging road that’s now singletrack. We actually saw a 4×4 back out of the forest service road it was so rutted out) HAZARD watch out for loose chunks of rock. In Bear Creek although the climb is 2000 feet and killing, the view from the top of the mountain is priceless and the downhill is beautiful.


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    Let me add my welcome to Singletracks!

    If you’re thinking about CO, you picked the right time for Fruita, which is absolutely prime in late March. Trails have usually dried out and the summer heat has not yet arrived. On the other hand, the high country will be totally snowed in, so certain Colorado classics like the Monarch Crest are a definite no-go.

    Middle elevation trails are iffy, but more likely to be rideable than not. Most front range trails (the area immediately to the west of Denver/Colorado Springs/Fort Collins) should be good. The popular Buffalo Creek area is likely to be good and even if it does snow, that late in the season it generally melts and dries quickly. Pueblo is almost a certainty for prime conditions, although Pueblo alone is hardly a destination–but a great day trip from elsewhere on the front range. The nice thing about the front range is it is 5 hrs closer than Fruita.

    If you do decide to head west, chances are you’ll want to take I-70, so check out this article which will give you some good tips on where to stop along the way as there’s some great trails between here and there. … p-edition/

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    If you haven’t read it yet, we wrote an article last year titled "The 13 Best Spring Break Mountain Bike Destinations." You’ll be very happy at any of these places: … tinations/


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