Good tire for street & dirt?

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      Is there such a thing as a good all-around tire for street & trail riding?
      I have a new GF Cobia 29er and will probably be spending as much time on the road as I do the trails around here (west Texas). Or do I just suck it up and ride the trail tires when commuting so I don’t give up too much when trail riding? I’m still running tubes if that makes a difference. Thanks…..


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      Yo Nate, I just started using 29" WTB Vulpines and they just might fit the bill for you. I’ll be sharing a more detailed review on the blog in a week or two but basically these are low rolling resistance "racing tires" with a low profile center tread and medium-rise knobs on the sides for cornering in the dirt. They are meant for "dry hardpack" which is basically the closest thing to pavement (other than slickrock) you’ll find on the MTB trail.


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      Funny you mention the Vulpines…..after poking around online this morning, I found that same tire and thought it looked like a good fit. Might give them a whirl after I beat up the Bonts that came on the bike. I look forward to your review. Thanks for the feedback.


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