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    Now that it’s winter I’m looking for a good set of shoe covers for mountain biking. (I think they’re also called toe covers.)

    Here’s what I’m looking for:

    • Size gigantic. I bought some shoe covers years ago but they didn’t fit, despite choosing what I believe was the largest size available.
    • Durable shoe covers. I’ve talked with friends and they all seem to find that shoe covers wear out really quickly when mountain biking, probably because most of these are designed for road riding. In fact, a friend had one shoe cover rip just last week on our group ride; the other shoe cover fell off later in the ride, never to be seen again. ūüôā

    Anyone have any mountain bike shoe covers they’re happy with and that have lasted more than one season?

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    I have been using the Element Windstopper shoe covers from Specialized for about two years now. They probably only get used maybe twice or three times a month so I’m not sure what more regular¬†use will do but I have been happy with them. The largest size is XXL. I use XL with a size 9.5 shoe and they fit my shoes fine. I haven’t used other covers either so I don’t really have another brand to compare, but I have been happy with these so far.

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    Thanks Nick!

    So XL fits a size 9.5 shoe? I wear a size 12 which isn’t crazy big, but it sounds like I definitely need XXL shoe covers.

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    I have size 11.5. ¬†The Planet Bike Blitzen works for road and mountain shoes. ¬†The bottoms have bigger holes than most and they velcro on so they work with my big ankles with low-top enduro mountain shoes but cinch up enough for road shoes. ¬†Mine even have a hole for the front knobs on mountain bike shoes. ¬†Probably not the best for super-cold or really powdery snow but for 20F-35F they’re outstanding and flexible. ¬†Probably horrible if you have platform pedals.

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    Yeah XL fits on my shoe but it is pretty snug. I don’t have any experience with XXL but I imagine it would be the best fit for a size 12.

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    I have had a pair of Grip Grab Hammerhead Shoe Covers that have lasted to two seasons in Germany.  I still have them.  I am in the south so I have not had to use them since I returned.  I understand your struggle with finding a size big enough for your shoes.  I wear a 10.5 and these covers are an XXL.  I hope you have luck finding some that last a long time and fit.

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    If you are riding in mud and slop scrambling over root and rocks how about winter boots? Like the Shimano MW81 or 45nth JPanther boots. Pretty sturdy boots with good grip.

    For the MW81 boot it has a neoprene collar to keep mud and stuff getting inside the shoe but it’s not waterproof so eventually boot gets wet insiinside. So I cut and adapted a shoe cover to go over the top of the boot and around the collar ¬† The boot’s straps hold the over shoe cover in place. ¬†With waterproof trousers / pants on it is pretty waterproof.

    I would upload insert a picture here but not figured that out from my phone


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    Boot photo IMG_3275_zpsdktoyitx.jpg


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