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      I currently ride a Specialized rockhopper FSR. I need to upgrade, but am not sure of the best way to go. I am 6’4, 240#, very all mountain aggressive. I’ll bomb down most anything and like smaller drops, nothing over about 5 ft. I need something that is beefy enough to withstand all that and climb pretty well. price range up to $2500. I’m looking at new Giant Reign, rocky mountain, and Specialized enduro comp. any insight on these bikes?

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      I weigh 240# and ride a Specialized Enduro SL and I friggin love this bike. I ride it like I stole it with no problems. I take it off small drops too, but nothing too big. My only problem was the stock wheelset was too light and I had to upgrade to a burlier set after taco’ing the front wheel. It came stock with a DT Swiss 4.2 and had ridiculously thin spokes. The wheels held up for a while and may have lasted if I relaced the wheels with heavier spokes like DT Champions. The Enduro comp retails at $3300. The Giant Reign 2 retails for $2150 and is a good value. I know a guy who rides one that weighs more than me and he likes it, but it’s the Reign 0. I don’t know anything about Rocky Mountain bikes. Whatever you get, pay attention to the wheelset…that’s usually a clydesdale’s biggest issue. You want a tough wheelset to be able to ride aggressively at your weight.

      Oh BTW, where are you from? Just wondering because of the name.

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      Thanks for all the info! I have rode the ’08 enduro sl comp. Amazing bike!
      I will look into the wheels for the giant. I am from Indiana, moved to Washington state now. My family is a mutt mix irish. scottish, and german. Ezekiel is Hebrew. parents are religious.

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