Good freeride bike for cheap?

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      What is a good full suspension bike with at least 6 inches of travel on the front that i could get for around 1500 dollars? 😕

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      What type riding will you be using the bike for? Freeride? DH? Both? Some XC?

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      You can`t get a 6inch bike for that little new. Unless you get it used. As far as the question which is better FR or DH well I would have to say it depends on what you intend to do with the bike. A DH bike is ment to be raced and taken care of as a race vehicle. Where as a FR bike is heavier and more durable however it is ment to be thrashed more. So if you intend on racing then DH otherwise a good thrashing FR bike would be your ticket. Just the FR bike is harder to move around.

      As far as decent bikes Look at Kona or Norco for the amount of money your looking to spend. They are affordable as well as decent bikes to huck. Maybe a Stab or Stinky from Kona or a B-Line or Shore from Norco.

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      what if it was only about 4-5 inches of travel

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      Even with a 4-5" travel bike, you will still be pretty limited if you want a brand new bike in that price range. Mongoose and GT will probably be a good starting place. The Teocali line that Mongoose makes is supposed to be a pretty nice frame and you can upgrade the components you break at a later time.

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      I would mostly be doing downhill but i would ride around my neighbor hood alot too

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      Looking at his price range which is limiting for DH the companies that I mentioned are not bad GT is ok as well. Mongoose too I think they are around 2200 new..I gotta check on that.
      That TALAS 36 (160-130-100mm) travel review I did was with a 6inch frame of mine and I found it was getting close to the limit on some runs and I wasn`t pushing it too hard. THose runs were considered mostly Diamond but a few were Double Diamond.

      But I guess it really depends on what kind of slopes and stunts he is willing to do. And the notion of replacing parts as they go is valid.

      I guess the first upgrade would be wheels…..

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      obout 4-5 on the rear shock and as much as i can get on the front in that price range

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      So then you may be looking at a Teocali or a trance3 or something like that.

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      is the haro 2009 extreme x7 a good bike?

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      Is the Haro Extreme X6 or the Extreme X6 Comp better?

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      And this is exactly why I am doing my best to get full bike reviews for people to read.

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      The DH race bikes are actually gonna be lighter than a full fledged Freeride bike, such as my 50+ pound Banshee Scream. A downhill race bike will often weigh in at under 40lbs.

      Although FR and DH bikes have different Geo and wheelbase, I would go with a dedicated FR bike because you are still very capable of riding downhill, where as with the DH race bike you are less capable of Freeride.

      A "slopestyle bike" may be a good idea, but they do not have long travel, and even though you had only mentioned 6" in the front I assume you want a longer travel bike all around. Although I could be completely off.

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      Doing my best. Right now I do have some items that are on the go and I thing you will like them once they are published….For one thing I know you would like two of them for sure.

      Schwable Wicked Will tires. (ROCK)

      Mavic Crossmax SX (also ROCK and light too)

      Stay tuned…

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      From Banshees Website:

      The Scream is the bike that started it all.

      Hardcore riders the world over wanted a burly “big dropâ€

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      Like you said, not trying to start anything, but I dont see why two people can’t have an argument. Im not trying to be disrespectful, I just disagree with you.

      I think the bikes your refering two are more slopestyle oriented, whereas I am refering to more "Shore" style bikes. No big deal.

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      BTW, doing any DH racing with that Banshee? Got to throw in a pic of that monster.

      I know, I need to get some pics but I have no camera. I am heading out west to Utah and Co as soon as my job ends (construction) in around a month so I will def. get a camera for that.

      I have never raced, I have been thinking about giving it a shot. I run a 24" back wheel which isnt the best for DH, but thats the way its been since I bought it so Im used to it and love it.

      Not to take over this thread, but I notice you live in the SE, have you been to Windrock? I have heard it is good but you need to shuttle and I havent found anyone to make the trip. Just wondering how good it is. Surprised it is not reviewed on here. I would be very interested in making that trip.

      Also, one more note….I am going to Utah/CO solo so if you or anyone you know wants to go out there in late August or September I would be down to ride, I may come off as a A-hole on here but really Im a pretty easy going person.

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