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      So I’m in the market for a full-face helmet.  Since I’m relatively new to the full-face side of purchasing helmets, I’m not really sure what to buy.  Since I’m fairly young, money is hard to come by so I’d love to keep the helmet around the $100 or so price point.  If you guys have any good suggestions for helmets or brands, those would be great!  I’m planning on heading down to my local bike shop in a couple of days and trying some on to find one that fits me, but some general recommendations first would be great.  Thanks!

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      Personally I like my bell full faced I have, not the super 2r or 3r but the others are pretty good.  I would look around on ebay or possibly jenson.  You should be able to get one that is really good but under $100, granted it won’t be carbon, but from what I have seen, not sure you need carbon.

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        Ended up going with the Bell Sanction!  It’s great for what I’m doing and was pretty cheap.

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      The Bell Super is NOT a full face helmet, so I would recommend staying away from it.

      Luckily, ACTUAL full face helmets from past seasons can be found in your price range.

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      The Bell Super is fine for the full face every once in a while, but if you plan on using full face all the time, than get a DH full face helmet. All helmet are made to take one good impact then they are junk. On my second Bell super as I cracked the first one.

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      Bell is a full face helmet with removable chin bar, and while it is not allowed in downhill racing, because it does not have a double D ring strap, it does meet the downhill chin bar tests.


      The Giro Switchblade, with removable chin bar, has the double D ring strap so it is allowed in downhill racing.

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      Dude asked specifically about full face helmets, so why point him towards a compromised product?

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      yeah he said full face, if he wanted one for racing I would expect he would have mentioned that.

      And have you seen the testing Bell does, the Super 2r has to pass , it is not a compromised product, it just cannot be used for racing because of the strap.


      for non racing applications, and occasional lift park use and everyday use it vastly superior option.

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      Maybe compromised wasn’t the best term to use. That said, if you’re looking for a dedicated DH helmet, I still say avoid the removable chin bar style.

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      DH racing-approved lids must meet ASTM F1952 which is more stringent than CPSC and CE EN1078 (Super site). If you wanna read more, here’s a good explanation:

      It’s not just the chin strap and even if the chin bar meets ASTM 1952, doesn’t mean the whole package does. Doesn’t really matter as the Super is super expensive.

      Check out the Lazer Phoenix. $99! My review:

      Review: Lazer Phoenix Full Face Helmet

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      To follow up on the Giro Switchblade…


      “the Switchblade is optimized for the descent, and that’s why it’s certified to CPSC, EN-1078 and ASTM-1952-DH with and without the chinbar.”

      “with and without the chinbar” is a critical threshold for ASTM 1952 testing. Perhaps the OP isn’t looking for such details, but I thought it was worth clarifying that, while the Bell Super 2r is technically a full face, there are other standards it fails to meet besides the chin strap when compared to “true” DH full face. Testing standards aside, I’ve used the Bell against the Giro CIPHER and Lazer Phoenix and if I were doing any serious speeds on DH trails, I wouldn’t go with the Bell Super 2r especially when you can get some good DH helmets for less than the Bell.

      On a side note, MIPS is arguable at best. Your scalp does the same thing MIPS is claiming to do…

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      Thanks for dropping dat knowledge @Chris_Daniels!

      Dude said he wanted a full face, so I take him at his word. Telling him to get a Super or Switchblade is akin to someone telling you they want a pickup truck and you suggest a Subaru Baja:

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