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      Hey bikers,

      It has happened to me a couple times, and I would love to hear everyone’s story. There are times that I go biking, and without trying I hit a gold mine, and find a whole bunch of cool trails. It even could be a new place that I try out and it turns out being WAY better than I expected!

      Share stories here and some of us could even learn about some new spots!

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      One of mine was going to Crockett Regional Hills and riding a whole bunch of new stuff. There is flow, and great single track. If you live near that you should DEFFO check it out.

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      Yeah can totally relate, just exploring my home trails I have found some sweet stuff, and although they are not world class trails I have come to appreciate and love the descents… Really just a simple average park can hold some really good stuff once you get into it and ride it enough. I love exploring new trials and wish I had more miles of trails near me to keep things interesting.

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      One place that i have found that is good and you would prob ride it biker boy cause u are from the bay area. it is Redwood park. There is some fun stuff there, even though it is mostly double track and firetrails you can have lots of fun.

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      Yeah exactly! Like just last week i rode quite a few new trails in redwood. Joaquin miller is actually really nice! I really enjoyed it. The problem is that a lot of trails dont allow bikers. That sucks cause most of the time they would make for good biking trails. And the weird thing is I dont think the those trails are as used as the main ones where biker ARE allowed… so prob if bikers were allowed on those trails it wouldn’t be too bad for the hikers… I am looking forward to heading to Redwood again and looking for more trails!

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      There was one place that I never did not know about, and did not know it was so good, that is camp tamarancho.

      Such a great place, and there is the first flow trail that was ever built in the bay area. It is a good place, and has a great loop.

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      Such a great feeling to discover excellent trails, especially when you aren’t expecting it!

      I’ve been doing a regular Tuesday night, in-town MTB ride here in Atlanta for more than 5 years now, and we make it a point to keep exploring new spots. One of our most recent discoveries is a place called Kittredge Park, not too far from one of our regular Tuesday night routes. We were surprised to find a mile of singletrack and a shockingly long climb and descent tucked inside the park.

      It seems like these days it’s becoming more and more difficult to find trail surprises, what with maps, photos, and videos of trails so readily available online.

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