Going to Texas where do I ride


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      Looks like were moving to Texas most likely close to Mcaslester park in San Antonio. Which will be ok for week days. But we like to roam and try new stuff. We are advanced level but will ride any thing once. We will need some local help in the transition from California :{)

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      Hey Juan_Gear,
      Try the following website:

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      Thanks for the help. Please keep it coming. Everything about moving is good but losing our trails.

      We know we might be spoiled in NorCal 😳

      But a whole new state 😃

      One Gear One Speed

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      The trails in Houston are intermediate at best I suggest looking in Austin for advanced riding. However if you need a fun afternoon of big air go to the anthills (trail overview @ GHORBA.com) there is a nice trick loop that if you are advanced you will surely have a good time.

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      Check out DORBA’s for Dallas area trails and conditions, as well as links to others.


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      living in San Antonio is a good hub for trails in the area. There are a lot of private and public ranches that have trail systems. If you do a search on here you should find plenty to keep you busy. I know personally that Madrone trail at Canyon Lake is pretty technical and within about 30 minutes of you. Also check Kelly Creek, Flat Rock Ranch, etc. And like someone said above, the Austin area has tons of good trails. Check the austin ridge riders website for more info, I can’t remember their website.

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