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      I’ve got the opportunity to ride in and around Moab next week but will have to go at it solo as no one in the party rides. Here’s my dilema….I’m no spring chicken but have the heart of a twenty year old (maybe 30 yr old). Are there a handful of trails that I might attempt? I’m obviously not looking for technical or near death experiences, and am not embarrassed to dismount. I’ve been pouring over maps and books but don’t really know how to narrow it down. Thinking of keeping it somewhat shorter distances (10-15) miles at a pop. Thank you all. 😀

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      So what’s the question exactly? Are you just looking for trail recommendations? The Whole Enchilada is an epic ride–I highly recommend it!

      http://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-tr … a-in-moab/

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      Yep.. looking for trails.

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      "ackley24" wrote

      Yep.. looking for trails.

      http://www.singletracks.com/utah-bike-t … y_get=Moab

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      Whole Enchilada would probably be my last ride (after looking at the trail description). Maybe someday with a group of riders but not solo. Found the other trail descriptions and I’ll look around on that page to find something.

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      "ackley24" wrote

      Maybe someday with a group of riders but not solo.

      I rode it solo… no big deal if you’re prepared and up for the challenge. But if you’re not, it’s good to know your limits.

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      http://www.singletracks.com/bike-trails … luffs.html

      would be a great start! its not very technical and its still fun! and you will run into people so if something did happen………

      Have fun!

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      Great Moab trails that will give you a really good time without the OMG, I could die factor:

      1. Dead Horse Point State Park. 9 mile loop suitable for a novice, but still great fun for an advanced rider. Superb, unique geography and scenery. Can do quickly and still have time and energy for another ride.

      2. The Brands Trails–have every level of difficulty and you can custom tailor a route in the nicely stacked loop system to your liking. Start with EZ or Lazy and then head to Deadman’s Ridge if you want some really fun, flowy, moderately techy stuff. If you want more miles, then add on Bar B, Circle O, etc. UtahMountainBiking.com has the best descriptions of these trails.

      3. The whole Klondike Bluffs/Baby Steps area is pretty good and theres also the opportunity to custom build a route to your liking. This is a busy area, especially with Jeeps in the Klondike Bluffs area, which surprisingly adds to the fun (and the safety factor).

      4. Of course, there’s also Slickrock. The main loop is a fairly strenuous 10 miles, but that’s the one trail in Moab where you’re truly never alone. You’ll have fellow riders every inch of the way.

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      First hit Bartlett Wash. It’s a great place to learn sandstone riding. You need a good map to find it.
      Attempt Porcupine Rim. Can be shuttled. It’s moderately tough with lots of 1-3′ drops on the long sweet descent. It’s a ride you’ll never forget. Porc is the end of the Whole Enchilada, tastiest part?
      Sovereign Trail is another fun ride that would be fine solo.
      You many not like Slickrock Trail It’s a hard workout with very quick grade changes. Some love it. Definately made me sweat, age 50’s. Unique.

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      +1 for klondike, sovereign and baby steps. All of these are suitable for casual solo riding.

      Also look at Pipe Dream. It’s right in town, not too scary, loads of fun .. and if you do it south -> north you end up near a bunch of restaurants! 😃

      Too bad you aren’t out there this week for outerbike. 😢

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      Just want to thank all those who responded to my "solo adventure" in Moab. I’ve taken notes and I’m ready to ride. Thanks again!

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      "ackley24" wrote

      Just want to thank all those who responded to my "solo adventure" in Moab. I’ve taken notes and I’m ready to ride. Thanks again!

      Have fun!!

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      enjoy it!!!!!

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      . . . and give us a ride report afterward–we’re curious to find out where you ended up riding and what you thought of it.

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      Just got back from Moab. The weather was perfect. The trails are pretty dry and dusty, and any trail that is sandy will be really sandy.

      Overall, an awesome trip. I’m sore and tired and can’t wait to ride some more!

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