Going Knee Pads – POC, Dakine or TLD?

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      I finally decided to go knees, and I’ve narrowed it down to the POC Air VPD, the Dakine Slayer, and the Troy Lee Speeds.  I’m no racer,  but I pedal a lot and am typically riding between 10-20 miles per (good) session.  I don’t really care about speed as much as I do fun, and safety. I catch the occasional air if I’m feeling it and love technical descents and going faster than probably 50% of the people I share the trail with

      Anyway, I bought the POC VPD 2.0 knees and they’re awesome protection but they suck for long climbs, and I’m not down with constantly dropping and raising pads.  Therefore I was looking for a more pedal-friendly pad and have narrowed it to the above 3.  Has anyone had any experience with those pads and can offer some advice?

      For reference, I also have the raceface ambush elbows and they’re pretty bulky, but I don’t mind them at all.  Of course, I don’t pedal with my elbows. 🙂


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      I know you didn’t mention them but have you looked at G Form? Mine really aren’t much more noticeable than 3/4 length tights when pedaling.

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      Personally I find any of the pull on sleeve type pads too hot. Of all the pull on pads I like the G-form best.

      I wear Fox Launch Shorty pads.. They are a bit bulky, but do not bother me at all riding.

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      And I have a problem with  pads with straps (they tend to chafe and bind my skin). You can do under-sleeves but that seems to defeat the purpose of better ventilation.

      Just a good example of why they make so many different designs and styles…

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      The G-forms are very pedal friendly, but not very protective or durable. In contrast, I have ran Slayers for over two years and recently picked some Dakine Hellions. Both models have performed incredibly well. The are super pedal friendly and they never slip. Furthermore, they actually will protect your knees, by actually not slipping and having armor that is solid unlike many of the other options. I have no desire to run anything else at this point.

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      I have tried a few but love the Race Face Ambush pads.  Fit great, but most importantly you don’t have to remove your shoes to put them on or take them off.  Good luck

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      I am using the Dakine Slayer pads and have had a great experience with them.  I ride in Florida, and find them to be comfortable even in the summer.  My riding is mostly XC/trail, and I find them adequate for that.  It’s going to come down to comfort vs. safety, and that will depend on your skill and the trail conditions that you ride on.

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      I have both the 2.0 and the Air, and spent a lot of time with the Airs. I find them relatively comfy for pedaling. It’s a decent pad that can take an impact or a slider and stay in place while not being huge, and longevity seems good. If you want the elastic to really last, wash the salt out of them regularly like I don’t. : /

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      Look into IXS Flow knee pads. http://bike.ixs.com/en/shop/flow-knee-pad

      They are very pedal friendly and give you good protection. G form also give you good protection from impacts but if you crash and end up sliding on your knees they will slide off and you will get cuts on your knees. But look at the bright side your knee wont ne broken just cut.

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