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      What’s a good go pro setup for riding?  I’d like to get one but would like to know what accessories are best.

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      I assume since you are on this forum it is for mountain biking.  Which GoPro?  Regardless, Chest mount is number 1 IMO.  Spare battery as well.  If you are getting one of the older ones without stabilization, you will need a gimbal.  Some people even say the built in image stabilization is not enough, but it is fine for the type of riding I do and I have no visions of making a living on YouTube or on my bike

      Here is some funny guidance on how to make a video edit.

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      Thanks, yes, was looking for some kind of setup, mainly for riding safety.  I use some dirt roads by where I live to connect to trails and some people aren’t very cautious towards bikes.

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      Chest mount on a GoPro Hero 7 or newer, or a GoPro Max.  I’ve tested on a 5, 7, and a Max.  The video directly off of the 7 and Max are stable enough to used directly off of the camera.  I currently use a Max, and use it either in “Hero Mode” (using only one of the cameras) on my chest, or in 360 mode on a selfie stick, stuck into my camelbak, with the camera positioned just above my head.  Both options work great, but they have a very different feel to them.

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      If you are primarily concerned with safety and reporting irresponsible drivers there is a product for road cyclists called CYCLIQ.  Because a GoPro tape camera is not going to have a very long battery for capturing everything that On a multi hour ride

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      I agree with @iliketexmex – GoPro batteries tend to last around 45 minutes or so of actual recording, so if  you’re going for a long ride where you want to document your ride for the sake of safety, then Cycliq cameras are a great choice.

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      I use a Mobius camera to do exactly what you described. It’s in no way a GOPro, but it does a great job at 1080p. It’s small and will capture any event with clear video, that you can zoom in on and read the license plate. I saw a Youtube video about one. The link is below.

Viewing 6 reply threads

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