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    I just bought a pair of new Fox full-finger MTB gloves, and the seams along the thumbs are driving me nuts. They leave deep marks in my hands by the end of the ride and I can feel them digging into my skin when I’m gripping the bars.

    Anyone have any recommendations for brands that have very flat seams on the insides of their gloves? I don’t think a seamless glove is possible, but if it is, I’d love to hear about that, too!

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    I have heard others also complain about Fox finger stitching. I have never owned a pair of Fox gloves for this reason. There are many good gloves out there for between $10 and $20. It took me a few years of experimenting to find the right glove pattern for me that also provide reasonable wear but, I still prefer to ride without gloves when the conditions are suitable.

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    I’ve been very happy with my Tasco gloves.

    comfortable and well made.

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    I like the Giro DND’s a lot. Also have a pair of 100%’s that feel great. Although I’ve never had an issue with my Fox Rangers digging into my fingers, maybe you got a bad batch?

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    I can’t speak to the issue of stitching.   However, I stopped buying bike gloves years ago.  I now get my gloves at the Home Depot.   You can buy work gloves that are identical to bike gloves for very little money.  Currently,  one particularly good deal is that you can get 3 pairs of gloves for $10.  I’ve used these budget gloves and suprisingly they last a very long time.  One pair might last a few years and they look just like bike gloves.

    Home Depot is also a great place to buy insulated winter gloves.  You can get some great winter gloves for about $20.  Which sure beats paying $60 for some overpriced insulated bike specific gloves.

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      I usually only wear gloves during the winter. Generally bare hands during the summer.

      So, winter gloves are ski gloves. I snagged a pair of Goretex ski gloves the other day, and whew, that made quite a difference in the rain

      I have a pair of rubber/plastic grip, knit back yellow reflective work gloves… somewhere. But, they were only marginal at keeping the hands warm and had a bit of a plasticky feeling.

      One of the big issues here in the PNW is rain protection, so whatever I choose has to not degrade in rain, and best if they are water-resistant.

      I think I’ve tried work gloves in the early fall and late spring. All in all, you can look here and pick gloves for bikes.

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    I’m a big fan of Fox Ranger gloves. Never noticed any seam irritation, they’re economical, and have held up really well for me including occasionally throwing them in the washing machine.

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    I’ve been enjoying Hand Up gloves. Not super into the sayings on the palms, I think that’s kinda corny, but they’re comfy and they make good gloves for warmer and colder temps that will last a while, for not too expensive. Usually around $25-$30.

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    Thanks for your input, everyone! This is a pair of Fox Rangers, and maybe it’s a bad batch. It seems unlikely that they would intentionally make the seams as big as they are. But who knows?

    Matt, I was actually looking at the HandUps. Maybe I’ll give them a shot. The palm text is a bit corny . . . but I can’t help but like the Send It one. 🙂

    I’ll look into the DNDs, too!

    Any particular recommendation on Home Depot gloves? Huskies, maybe?

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    I just picked up a couple pairs of these for warm weather:

    mechanix vent gloves

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    Love my Troy Lee Design full finger gloves,  got them on sale for $15….

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    I like hand up gloves for everyday riding              handup


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    Just hang in there a couple rides, the seems on Fox gloves are so cheap that they will rip in a couple rides and then you can buy some Dakines, which feel bulletproof in comparison.

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    One old school trick for plain leather gloves is to wear them inside out.

    Tillman makes excellent welding gloves that work for cycling and can be found for around ten dollars on sale. The TIG gloves are so thin you can pick up a dime off concrete.

    I also will get gloves from motorcycle stores. They are a lot cheaper and seem better made. My last pair lasted years and several thousand miles of riding before wearing out.

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    Don’t spend more money – take the gloves back for an exchange. I use Pearl Izumi, 100%, Troy Lee, and Fox Ranger’s. They’re all really comfortable. You just got a defective pair. It happens.

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    Just bought these at Home Depot for $9… really good knuckle protection and no seams.

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