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      Do you wear gloves when riding or do you go bare handed? My hands feel good without gloves for about 10 minutes into the ride, and then they start blistering, so I have to wear gloves. Do you wear them too? If so what gloves do you wear?

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      Most of the time I wear gloves. 100%, Pearl Izumi, and Fox.

      I’ve got some Oury grips on a Cannondale that feel GREAT with no gloves, but aside from that yeah. Full finger. The half-finger gloves look like weight-lifter wannabe gloves.

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      Western Safety from Harbor Freight. You can get 3 pair for the less than the price of some name brand MTB glove and they’ll last just as long as any name brand MTB glove.

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      I always wear gloves, I have been to parks that require gloves.

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      I wear different gloves at different times of years – full finger early and late when it is cooler/colder, and half finger in the summer.  But I always ride with gloves for the comfort and for protecting the hands in a crash.  This is more important if you ride in dry and rocky regions.

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      Here are the gloves I wear, bought them at the Santos Fat Tire Festival this year..  I really like these and don’t wear any of my other gloves anymore.



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      Yup, my whole family does too. Way better to replace a set of gloves than to pick rocks out of your palm. It has saved my 8 year old sons hands a zillion times as he is always wiping out on jumps or going too fast on loose terrain.  Always pops back up with no problems because of his gear.

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      Full finger gloves all the time.  My go to is Fox Digit.

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      Been wearing gloves since the beginning of my mountain biking days. Never wore gloves in my bmx days
      My go to glove now and for the last few years has been the Specialized Enduro. Love this glove.

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      Most or the time I wear half finger gloves. When it gets cold out, I then switch to full finger gloves. I don’t like gloves with a ton of padding on them. I would rather have handlebar grips that are larger in diameter to spread out the shock forces over a larger part of my palms.

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      Has anyone tried out the Fox Dirtpaw gloves?

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      Ive been using them for years now.  The same pair. Theyre awesome!

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      Gloves, deff, they protect my hands!! Full length are the best most gloves are really breathable so you don’t have to worry about not major sweat. Fow or TLD!!

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      Gloves every time.  I wear different glove for the different seasons.

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      Always wear gloves. One good crash in gravel and you will too.

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      Always gloves, Pearl Izumi and Bontrager

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      Half fingers when it’s warm. Mechanix full fingers when it’s cooler. The Mechanix are way cheaper than the mtb brands, and and at least as good.

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      My hands go numb without gloves and wide grips, I’m a big baby.

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      no glove, no love…I always wear mine, and have different pairs for different seasons. My theory is the day i go over the bars, im instinctively going to put my hands out to break the fall and this will save my palms from scrapes etc. Plus, better grip on the handle bars. Plus, they look cool 🙂

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        Seriously, I have endo’ed before (several times) and thanked my gloves profusely. You either fall on your face(not preferable) or your hands. I pick my hands. I actually wear full-on DH gloves for my trail riding. I also have owned a pair of Specialized Enduro gloves. They were totally awesome.

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      I always ride with full finger gloves. I swore by Pearl Izumi for years, then I found Fox which seem to last longer. However, now I tend to just buy cheap work gloves at Home Depot. Modern work gloves have many of the same features as biking-specific gloves and are much cheaper.

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      Guess I’m one of the only ones that go no gloves.  Whenever I wear gloves I have less connection to the trail and this makes me stiffen up and not ride as comfortable. I also tend to grab the bars not as tight with just my bare hand.  The only time I wear gloves s in the winter.

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      Interesting!? Do you think it maybe has to do with the type of grips you are using? I think that good grips improve the performance of gloves and some grips work much better with gloves than without..!

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      I love wearing gloves when I’m ridding because they make me feel comfortable and may prevent some injuries.

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      I definitely wear gloves.

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      Full finger gloves all year.  In the summer I use HandUp gloves and the rest of the year it’s Fox Dirtpaws.  I’ve tried others including hardware store gloves like Mechanix and they’re ok but I’ve settled on the above two.

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