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      now that its getting colder in Jersey my eyes tear when Im riding and Ive started experimenting with “glasses” or “goggles” to wear. Just curios what everyone else wears

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      I’ve experimented with using glasses on the trail, and I never end up sticking with them. Inevitably they fog up, get nasty from sweat, get lost/broken, or are too dark/too much glare due to changing light conditions.

      The downside to not wearing glasses, like you said, is on cold days my eyes do tear up. I find this mostly just happens at the beginning of a ride, then I’m ok. There’s also the risk of a stick in the eye, but thus far I’ve been pretty lucky. Somehow I always seem to blink my eyelid just in time to avoid getting poked (I have, however, scratched my eyelids many times.)

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      Goggles that seal around your eye socket will always fog up and are pretty useless, imo. I just wear clear safety glasses with side shields that block the flow of cold air to the eyes. That solves the problem for me. I’m sure sunglasses will serve the same purpose, but I personally don’t like them because I have visibility issues in shaded areas.

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      I wear $9.00 DeWalt safety glasses. I bought them as a temporary replacement when my wife “Borrowed” my $125.00 Wiley x pair. They work just fine. I still wear them. They look good and if I break or lose them its no big deal.

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      I wear Tifosi glasses, they come with a dark mirrored lens, and a light amber lens.  I just always ride with the amber.  It helps on bright days a bit, but it is light enough to still maintain good visibility in lower light conditions.  They provide decent air flow, only fog when it is cool out and I am stopped.  I prefer to ride with glasses to keep the bugs, dirt, and other airborne objects out of my eyes. these have proven, so far, to be the best option for me. The Tifosi glasses were marked at 80, I still spent 40 dollars on them, which is more than I prefer to spend on a small plastic piece of equipment. So far they have been worth it, and I have not lost or broken them.

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      i just bought the dewalt ones myself and will try them next time out…forgot to dd that ive tried to ride with sunglasses and dont like the way the trails look..seemed dangerous so i stopped using them

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      I wear Oakely Flak Jackets.  I found them a few years ago, so I didn’t pay anything for them, but I did buy two different sets of lenses for them.  I use clear lenses most of the time because our trails are very wooded.  On really sunny days I put in the VR28 lenses.  They aren’t too dark, and actually add a little contrast.  They double as my safety glasses when I’m working in my wood shop too.

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      I wear amber lens safety glasses from Tru Value Hardware. The amber color highlights the trail contrasts. (Same concept as shooters lenses). The other nice things are the arm angles can be adjusted to fit with your helmet just right, and the lenses wrap around the side. I think they cost about $9.50.

      When it gets below 20 degrees in the winter (I live in Michigan) I wear Smith ski goggles, rose color lenses, and they have vents so they don’t fog up.


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      I too wear the amber safety glasses, but I buy them from Harbor Freight for $3 a pair ($2 if on sale!). They don’t distort the FOV like other no-name safety glasses that I’ve tried, and the amber is great for increasing definition when the light starts to fade. I found I could get one or two more runs in at the bike park before it got too dark to see if I wore the amber lenses.

      They only fog if I stop for a break, as long as I’m moving they stay clear.



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      Ryders Eyewear for me. Use the Thorn model with clear anti fog lenses. Works great. Perfect in the darker days of winter, early morning rides and trails that have a lot of tree coverage with low light. I wear them most of the year. The anti fog worked amazingly well for the first year. Not as good from when first got em but still pretty darn good.

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      My vision requires glasses. The trails I ride have enough overgrowth that no glasses isn’t a good idea anyway. I wish I didn’t need them. I bought a pair of cheap prescription safety glasses but I’ve yet to find a good solution to fogging, especially when I wear a balaclava.

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      I haven’t tried this on regular glasses, but for dive masks there’s an anti-fog product called Sea Gold which works very well. It’s a gel that you apply and then buff off.

      There are also sprays targeted towards paintball that work, to varying degrees. But the Sea Gold has been my favorite.


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      Photochromatic glasses is a way to go. Unless you riding in the desert a lot. I use mine in any conditions day and night.

      Sure, glasses do fog up and get dirty. To prevent fogging just slide it down a bit whenever stopped to increase air flow. And put glasses back on after you start riding again.

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