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    I’m looking to buy a FS MTB for central Florida riding. Any opinions on the better value /riding experience between

    Jeffsy 27 CF comp –
    Giant Trance 2 27.5 –

    Both look like good mid travel bikes. Does anyone have experience on one of these?, especially regarding climbing ability? I have a hard tail (trek x-caliber) I have been riding for a number of years but would like to experience the FS side of things, especially when it comes to smaller jumps and drop-offs. I do not have much possibility of demo-ing either of these bikes so there will be a bit of a gamble in it for me. Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ride-on!

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    Of all the FS bikes I have ridden in the last two years, including Santa Cruz Bronson, Salsa Redpoint, Cannondale Habit, Pivot Mach 6, Specialized Stump Jumper, and several others, the Giant Trance was my second favorite, the Evil Insurgent was what I bought. But I have not gotten to ride the Jeffsy, and it does get great reviews. I doubt you could go wrong with either.


    I live in Northeast Florida, and I believe Champion Bike at Jacksonville Beach rents Giants (but their website doesn’t say) I also ride Alafia and Santos regularly. Santos bike shop has Trance rentals. And AJ’s bikes near Alafia sells Giant and Specialized. But not sure what they rent.

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      Thanks for the info, I’ll have to check those shops out. I should have mentioned my budget is 3500. The Jeffsy has a sale right now 3200 and I can step into a carbon frame which is why I started this post. The Jeffsy also has a little better front and rear suspension, (compared to the Trance 2). They all say it comes down to personal feel. However the guys at the Giant shop really sold me on the Maestro suspension tech considering the type of riding we do here in Florida (which is why I’m feeling torn between the two). I did look into Evil and Specalized but the prices were a little out of my range for what was being offered.

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    Hi Gearup,

    I have a Jeffsy 27 CF. I generally like it, but i’d point out that the bike really comes alive when pointed downhill, and going fast. I generally ride in really steep terrain so it works out for me,  but if i was going to move to a flatter area i’d almost certainly look to swap it for something a bit snappier. As for the value and customer support i’ve been happy.

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      Thanks for the info. Central Florida is a 50/50 mix of short punchy climbs with similar descents. From your opinion it sounds like the YT is more of a downhill product. Most of the reviews I read said it was confident on the descent and equally impressive on the climb (paraphrasing). The elite level Fox products paired with a carbon frame for 3200 sounded like an amazing deal. At least better than most other comparable bikes for the same price range. But the bike does have to climb really good since a good chunk of my riding will be flat or climbs.

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