giant talon derailleur upgrade

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      so ive been out of the mountain biking scene for quite some time now and just decided to get back on the old horse. I just bought a giant talon 3 and so far it has been pretty good for me. the problem is that I haven’t even hit a trail with it yet and with maybe 20ish miles of riding around town I’m already having issues with the chain getting stuck between gears and just shifting like absolute crap in general. I was thinking about possibly upgrading to the sram x9. would it be possible to just change out the derailleur and keep the shimano shifters? or maybe just the sram derailleur and shifters? or would I have to fully change out the derailleur, shifters, cassette, crank, etc.?

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      I have the talon 4 and I just trashed the stock Rd On a ride. I upgraded to a Shimano deore

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      Before you upgrade take it to a shop for adjustment, it may not be your derailleur at all too.  Could be your derailleur bracket is bent.  If it is a new derailleur with work like crap as well.

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        good thought. ill definitely look into that. I kind of doubt it though since I just bought it about 10 days ago

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      I’m running into the same problems. I ride a Talon 4, and I’m wondering if this rig isn’t holding me back. I am wary of the fact that no amount of money spent on bikes will actually make me a BETTER rider, but sometimes a bike can impose limits on what a rider can do.

      Part of me wants to just shell out the money for a (much) better bike, like the Anthem 2 or the Trance 2. Buy once, cry once. The other side wants to upgrade the Talon to a Shimano Deore gruppo, a dropper post, and a better fork like a Fox Rhythm, maybe a Manitou.

      I saw a Surly Krampus a few weeks ago, and the puzzle just got more complicated.

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