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      Hi all I’m new to MTB.

      Curious i got this bike less than a year ago and was wondering if there are any upgrades if any i should get? … 2472-1.htm mine is the black and red.

      I ride on the road a lot,i have only been to Jacobsburg State Park in Nazareth,PA once but i really want to go there again but for me riding 5 miles there make my legs hurt 😢 So once i get there i have to rest a while. I hate hills 😠 , i think that’s the reason i feel dead when i get there 😢

      I really want to do the Trails even if i have to do the newbie ones for a while and once my NightRider MINewt.350 comes in i want to do night riding again on the trails,i do have a 50 lumen light though which is ok but i decided to get something better,i may use it as a helmet light once i get my new light so i can see around corners better.

      So any suggestions on upgrades?

      Thank you in advance for the help.

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      It sounds like the bike is practically new and hasn’t been ridden too hard at this point. Unless something is broken, I wouldn’t worry about upgrades, and would focus more on building your skills and endurance. Welcome to ST. Now get on the trails and ride!

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