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      Has anyone else had the misfortune of being the second owner of a Giant bike and denied the frame warranty? I have a 2015 Giant Stance which I purchased second hand a few months old. Today the rear swing arm broke in a location many other of the same model has. I took it to my LBS and all they can do is give me a discount on a crash replacement. I bunnyhopped a steel plate on pavement at less than 10mph, hardly a mountain bike breaking activity. Very disappointed, a flawed design is just that no matter who owns the bike.

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      Do any mtb companies offer frame warranties than extend to second owners?

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      what model Giant?

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      First, I hate to break it to ya, but no company warranties beyond the first owner and consider yourself fortunate to even to have them provide you a crash replacement discount. Second, the Stance was never designed to be ridden aggressively (beyond mild trails and certainly no jumping). I have seen many of them broken because the owners buy them on the cheap and think they can go to town on them. Take the crash replacement deal if you want, but I recommend instead putting your dough towards a steel hardtail frame (even a used one) and be done with it. Cheap full suspension bikes are bad juju.

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      Or get one of these bombers.

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      Is it an early Stance? They had problems with them through early 2015, end of 2015 they made a change to the manufacture of the triangle. A Stance should handle most of what an average ride throws at it. I have a late 2015 Stance, I weigh 200lbs, ride mostly technical trails, have hit things pretty hard, and have never had an issue.   Makes me wonder if it was cracked before you bought it and the seller didn’t realize it, or didn’t disclose it.

      I have made several measurements, contemplating trying it on mine, and I believe a Anthem triangle and bottom link will fit. Might be worth looking into. For only a little  more cost it would upgrade it to a Maestro suspension.

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      I think its a big ask expecting a manufacturer to pass on a warranty to second owners. Its one of the reasons I always buy new (and why we pay a premium for new), and of course you will rarely know he true history of a secondhand bike. I have owned 3 giant MTBs btw.

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