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      I ride up and down curbs a lot. I always go at a slow speed and pull the front wheel onto the curb while leaning back. Then I lean forward and let the back wheel roll over the curb. This works fine when going slow but I don’t know how to get up it fast. I can bunny hop but have never tried it on a curb because I don’t know if I will make it high enough and if my timing will be right. It seems scary to ride at a curb fast. Anyone have any advice.

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      Start by pulling your front wheel up over it as you have been doing, but then instead of letting your back wheel roll up, pull it up as if you were doing a bunnyhop. The goal is to not let your back wheel touch the curb. Start slow and increase your speed gradually. Once you get to a certain speed you’re doing about 3/4 of a bunnyhop anyways. Find something about the same height of a curb that won’t damage your bike if you hit it; I used the box from a 12-pack of soda. Put the box in a place where you can get a good run-up at it, and then hop over it (american bunnyhop works better than english for this.) When you can clear the box reliably, then take your skills to the curb. Air your tires up high enough that you won’t pinch flat or damage your rim if you mistime it and hit the curb, and wear a helmet.

      Hope this helps.

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      Lift your front tire then your rear in one smooth motion. Slower speed at first until your technique is good. Add speed as comfort and skill goes up. You shouldn’t have to lean forward much either, your weight should be hanging back a bit. Watch some youtube  bmx videos. Search “j hop”.

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      Hey Cube, that’s a good question and you got a couple of good logical answers already. I do a lot of suburbs riding because it’s close at hand and I find myself hopping curbs all the time. You got the technique down, just build up the speed as it becomes second nature in time.

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      Thanks, for all the advice. I have been practicing bunny hopping over stuff and getting up curbs faster and smoother. I am getting better at curbs. Thanks.

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