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      My girl has been learning how to ride on a Schwinn Sidewinder & we think its time she got a descent bike. We found i bike shop near us that we didnt even know was there and found a great deal. Its a Giant Pistol 1 for women. Dual suspension, Hydraulic disk breaks. Its a 2007 i believe. Brand new leftover model and her size. For $400. So we are picking it up next week but are going tomorow to put a deposit on it. I think im more excited shes getting a new bike than she is 😆


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      Thanks man. Hey wait. SHE should be the one thanking you. 😆

      Here are the specs Chilli. … tions_id=1

      size 13.5", 14.5", 16"
      color Milk Chocolate
      frame ALUXX Butted aluminum, 5" Travel.
      fork RockShox TORA 302 U-Turn, 85-130mm travel
      shock Fox Vanilla R, Coil
      handlebar 6061 Riser, 31.8
      stem AL 15 degree
      seatpost Alloy, 350×30.9
      saddle WTB Speed She Comp
      pedals Resin w/steel cagre, clips
      shifters Shimano Deore
      front derailleur Shimano Deore
      rear derailleur Shimano Deore
      brakes Hayes SOLE
      levers Hayes SOLE
      cassette SRAM PG950 11-34T
      chain KMC
      cranks TruVativ ISO Flow, 22/32/42
      BB cartridge
      rims Alex DP20
      hubs Formula DC20, DC22
      spokes Stainless
      tires Kenda Blue Groove/Nevegal, 26×2.1

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      Very nice line up even though I have not heard of those Hayes Soles. It should serve her well. Giants are good bikes without a doubt.

      You two should come up on Oct 3rd to Santos for the "Take a Kid MTB’ing Day" event they are having there that weekend. Well actually Saturday, but we will be camping there Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday with Singletracks member ‘GALAXY’. We are trying to get a few more FL riders to show up to ride and pass a good time.

      Yeah man i was reading about that just now but that weekend we have plans for already with some friends down by this way. I definately want to make it to santos really soon.

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      Thanks man. And when we finally get the time to go up there we will definately give u a buzz

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      Yay! I can’t wait to get my hands on that Giant Pistol! lol 😃 😃 😆

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      "~J~" wrote

      Yay! I can’t wait to get my hands on that Giant Pistol! lol 😃 😃 😆

      HAHAHA i love the way that came out. And thank you. A man can never hear that enough 😆

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      Here are some more specs: … &Type=bike

      It’s not the current Maestro suspension, but it should still be a really fun bike to ride!

      And $400! wow! MSRP was $1,100!

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      Here are some more specs: … &Type=bike

      It’s not the current Maestro suspension, but it should still be a really fun bike to ride!

      And $400! wow! MSRP was $1,100!

      Yeah man there is no way we could say no. We did not even go there looking to buy a bike. Just to buy gear and we saw that. We saidf screw it and went Friday to leave a deposit. We could’nt wait and went yesterday and picked it up. LOL If anyone in/or close to Miami wants one. I think they have like 4 or 5 more left. They have that one and like 4 or 5 of the one for men thats like a khaki color..


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      Sweet Biohazard. Sounds like a great deal. Sometimes you just have to go for it, even if it takes creative finanacing. $400 is an awesome price for a FS bike and if it fits her well – well you just got to buy it.

      Chili mentioned the Sole brakes. I had a set on my Giant AC. It had great stopping power, but they did require an adjustment every few months (which I never figured out how to do). I think they only have a piston on one side, instead of 2 like most.

      Anyway you got a steal. Hope your GF really digs it.

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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      We are making plans this February for a week long trip to Santos, but we will be at St. Augustine for the first 2 days and then will spend the rest of the 5 or 6 days at Santos and San Felasco. You are more than welcome to join us then if you would like. I have some Singletracks members coming down from AL and GA meeting us there around that time. Anyways, hope you two have lots of fun and pass a good time!

      I’ll at least come out to San felasco and ride with you…maybe I’ll have the Bullit up in time for Santos,haha

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      "CraigCreekRider" wrote

      Hope your GF really digs it.

      I do! I love it! Couldn’t help ourselves so we went to ride last night under the rain i 😆 I’m loving the FS and I’m way more confident on it than I ever was on the schwinn 😃

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      Here are the pics.



      That’s my bf’s Yukon FX on the back


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      "ChiliPepper" wrote

      Dang, that is sooo cool ~J~! It did not don on me till now that you were Bio’s GF. Ahhh Duhhh! 😮 😳

      Yes I am! 😃

      Anyways…..Congratulations on the bike ~J~, and we all wish you the greatest riding possible on your new steed. Hey, you need to get Bio up to either Alafia or Santos to see a whole different kind of FL riding. It is always great to see couples out enjoying themselves when the possibility arises.

      Thank you, and yes we are planning to go to Santos soon, when this weather calms down. Till then, I have to keep riding to get better.

      I ride with my family quite a bit, and my son and I FR together. Its a great thing!

      I saw the pics and videos of ur son, that’s awesome! Congratulations, he’s a brave one! 😃

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