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      Because I broke my foot I couldn’t ride but now I’m healing and working on ankle strength. So by the end of this month I’ll be able to mountain bike. But by the end of this week I’ll be able to leisurely bike. WOHOOO!!! After almost a month and a half without riding, I’ll be eager to get back on the bike!


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      Heal well and good luck getting back on your bike and riding!

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      Good luck with the recovery. Ease back into it and don’t over due it on day one.

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      I know your grief. I fractured the scaphoid in my left wrist near the end of July. I have been wearing a cast since. I broke down and rode the Boggy Dray loop and part of Bean Canyon near Dolores, CO Labor Day weekend. My wrist had stopped hurting by then. Had no pain while riding.

      I finally get the cast removed tomorrow, just in time to start riding the 2013 Specialized Camber Comp I just bought. I bought a six six one wrist brace to wear while I am building up strength in my wrist.

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      Dang, I am really bummed. I went to the doctor thinking I would get the cast off this morning. They did cut it off before x-raying my wrist. The x-rays show the scaphoid is not completely healed yet. I have to wear a cast another five weeks.

      The doctor explained the fracture was in the waist of the scaphoid and fractures there can take up to 12 weeks to heal due to inadequate blood flow to this bone.

      Oh well, I guess I will have to wait to really try out my new bike.

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      Sorry to hear you’re not completely healed yet, mtbfun, but at least it’s only five more weeks, right! 😃

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      Oh man!! Better stick to road riding, if you do any, until that is healed!

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