Getting out of Mtn biking, into motorsports.. Suggestions?

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      What’s up everyone. I’m getting to the point where a mountain bike is just too limited/boring for the terrain I ride, plus all of my buddies are on Dirtbikes and ATVs and I’d love to go out with them on hunting/riding trips – so I’m looking for some suggestions on a dirtbike. I rode a little bit when I was younger and loved the sound, smell and power of the older 2-strokes but I figure that the newer 4 strokes are more reliable and equally as fast by now.

      so considering I’m relatively a beginner again, does anyone have any good suggestions for a mtn bike rider looking for a bigger thrill? Should I shop for a 2-stroke or 4-stroke? I’m sure someone on here rides Dirtbikes as well who could help me out on a good transitional bike .



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      Two strokes are still fun and cheaper to maintain, but take more maintenance.  The KTM 200 xc-w is a great light all around dirt bike. Unless you are planning to race I would not go with a full MX/SX bike.   If you feel you want a 4-stroke the KTM 350 EXC-F is comparable, a little heavier but great all around and is also technically street legal, you can get plates for it and drive it down the street from trail to trail.. But still a full dirt bike.

      If you want to stick with more popular brands  Yamaha WR250F, Honda CRF250X, are good all around bikes.


      If you decide to go with a full motocross/supercross style bike, they are all decent and pretty comparable, pick the brand from the best dealer around you.

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      +1 for KTM recommendations from Alvin

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      Anymore I would disagree that 2 strokes are more maintenance.  My RMZ manual has me checking the valve clearances every 12 hours of operation.  2-strokes are cheaper to maintain.  Another +1 for the KTM200.

      That said, I love my RMZ for the woods.

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      All the maintenance schedules are conservative for non racers.. Two stroke maintenance for top end rebuild is supposed to be every 20 hours. For racers with practice sessions, that can be every two months. Other than serious racers I don’t know anyone that does it that often. Just trail riding, about 25 weekends a year I would go two years (about 80 hours)

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      Suggestions? Don’t.

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        Why do you say that Greg?  Have you ever owned a dirt bike?

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      A dirt bike is on my wishlist, but getting OUT of mountain biking is NEVER a good idea.

      Why not do both?

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      They do go together, most top motocross riders train on mountain bikes.

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      Why not do both?

      Because it doesn’t interest him, if his initial post is to be believed.

      I wish more people on the bike trails that weren’t having any fun did them same thing. It would work wonders for congestion and the people you came across would be more smiley.

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