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      So this spring I will be buying my daughter her first mountain bike. She has expressed a big interest in riding singletrack 😃 . Last summer she was riding a ton of trails on her little single speed walmart bike. She is tall enough for a 24" bike. Any suggestions on a 1st mountain bike?

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      +1 for the Hotrock, we have two of them, both girls.

      The older daughter started on the 20" wheeled one, and grew to the 24" wheeled. The younger daughter has the 20" and I’ll be able to sell both when they are done, they have held up that well.

      They are pretty much a kid sized Rockhopper, frame-wise.

      Giant has also just come out with a decent kids bike.

      Scott makes the full suspension Spark in 20" and 24" but it’s expensive. … 64/juniors

      Trek makes a model that looks almost identical to the Specialized, but I like the color schemes and components better on the Specialized.

      Hope this helps!

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      Check out the KHS T-Rex. Bought one for my daughter which she has since outgrown and handed down to my son who absolutely thrashes it. The bike has been very durable, low maintenance, and came at a better price than a similar level Spec or Trek.

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      Another +1 for the Specialized.

      My daughter bought her own last year and has pretty much ridden the rubber off the tires, she is now ready for the 24" and I will be tuning up the 20" for her little sister. Great bike for the buck and this time of year easy to find year old models on sale!
      Hope this post doesn’t hit you too late, but getting her on the trail is all that matters!

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