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      Howdy Y’all. I am getting back into MTB’ing and looking at buying a new bike. I have a few questions to see what you guys would do. First is a 2004 Trek Fuel 90 for $350-$400. Looks to be in good shape but will need a new chain and cassette. The other is a new 2016 Trek Marlin 6 for $599. What bike would you choose? I am torn because I would like a full suspension but would like the ability to add disc brakes which the Fuel 90 is unable. On the other hand the Marlin 6 has hydraulic brakes already on it.

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      I’d go with the new bike. One big reason is the disc brakes, the older bike is V-brake, converting would cost you a bunch. Plus you’re not inheriting someone else’s problems.

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