Germany Trail Pictures. (Dial-up Beware)

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      Here’s a selection of Trail pics we’ve taken that I’ve put online so far…..



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      These pics are posted on my trail reports here……

      German Trail 1

      German Trail 2

      This is another trail in the Lampertheimer Naturschutzgebiet.


      And this is Mutterstadt, just about 5k outside of Ludwigshafen, as seen from the highest point (125m) in the Mannheim/LW area. In the distance are the Pfalz mountains.



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      These are more pics of the Nothweiler/Pfalz area, as seen from the castle ruins overlooking the village.



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      And this area (Kafertal Wald) is right behind where I live. There’s a lot of trails back there…….


      This is looking down one of my favorite trails out there….. Pick up speed, hit the first little jump, and then take off down the hill. Very fast, very fun.


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      Looks like great scenery! I especially like the shot of the town in the distance. How is the riding weather out there? Is there a lot of rain? The terrain looks very lush, and reminds me of some spots on the east coast.

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      There is a lot of rain here….. The weather can be very wet. The closest I can equate the climate here to anything in the States is Michigan/Ohio/Wisconsin/Pennsylvania. The area I live in is right in the widest part the Rhine River valley.

      BTW, I’ve got LOTS more pics…… Just gotta upload ’em to the net.

      I’ve pretty much gotten the riding weather figured out though….

      If it’s sunny and nice all week, it’ll rain and be crappy through the weekend. If it rains all week, the weekend is bound to be awesome. I haven’t been wrong yet!

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      That’s funny, sounds like the way we used to predict weather in New York! I’m originally from upstate, which is very much rural country, and similar to Pennsylvania. New York doesn’t have much mountain biking infrastructure, from what I can tell, though. Glad I live here in Northern California now! I know we’re not going to get rain anytime between April and October 😉

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      This is the Hardenburg Ruins, near Bad-Durkheim, in the northern Pfalz. These ruins are some of the largest and best preserved (non-restored) in Germany. For more info, see the trail listing for Bad-Durkheim/Hardenburg.


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      This is one of the trails (Red Dot) above Neustadt a.d. Weinstrasse.


      And this Wolfsburg, a small ruin above Neustadt. It also happens to be a trailhead, with two blackdiamond level trails running up the ridgeline. About 100 meters back down the trail to the ruins is another, easier trail heading up the mountain.


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      We made a trip up to Weinbiet, at 554.6 meters it’s one of the highest peaks in the Northern Pfalz. Below Weinbiet are Neustadt, Deidesheim, and Musbach.
      The trip up to Weinbiet can be as hard or easy as you want, as there are many, many different routes.
      The one we took, well…. It wasn’t really a good way to go under pedal-power. Steep as heck, plus full of rocks and roots.

      Downhill was a totally different story!

      In this picture, it’s hard to see how steep the grade is, but it’s nearly a 45 degree incline. I tried riding up this, but it’s just too steep to keep any kind of forward momentum over the rocks. Coming back down was a blast! I’ve got video of both of us descending this trail.


      This next picture is coming down from Weinbiet along a different route. The trail goes around the boulder on the right, and then cuts back to the left around the boulder in the background. It then goes down some ancient stairs, and follows the ridgeline down towards Neustadt. This trail is a very fast, but still technical route.


      And this last is a shot on our last trip day.
      We rode completely around Weinbiet, starting in Neustadt and ending there as well. We followed the valleys and draws around the mountain, and on the last leg, rode up a little ways to take one of our favorite DH sections of trail back into town.

      There are more pictures of the Neustadt trails and area……

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      This is just me messing around in the rockgardens.


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      nice trails B.

      Looks kinda like Angwin in Napa. Gotta get to wotk 😏

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      Man, I cant wait to get in country……those trails look awesome!

      Thanks for the pics! 😏

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      Wow, I alwayse though Germany was a beautiful place, but I didnt realize that it was that good for Mtn Biking.


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      Just got to K-town and got into mountain biking. the trails here are great. I am interested in mapping some of the trails with my GPS. I am interested if anyone else has got some GPS info.

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      I am sooooo jealous

      Next timne i go to europe i am bringing my bike!!!!!

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      Sure there are soo many good trails here in germany! Got a new camera and will post some pictures in the next weeks.

      Happy trails and greetings from germany,


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