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    taking some time Off with the family end of March going to Georgia. Can anyone tell me which trail or trails I should visit? Looking for a place we can car camp as well, thanks

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    Cloudland Canyon has a great campground and the biking at nearby Five Points is excellent. There is car camping available at Bull / Jake Mountain too, but no running water so it’s pretty primitive. Fort Mountain State Park has a nice campground, though the trails in the park are pretty challenging.

    South of the mountains, Indian Creek State Park could be a good choice. The biking at Dauset is great, and I believe there is even a connector trail from the state park. There’s also Fort Yargo State Park which has a pretty nice XC-style loop, plus camping in the park.

    A lot of the campgrounds in the mountains are closed for the season until May which will limit your choices somewhat.

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      Many thanks Jeff…

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    Interesting Jeff that the campgrounds in GA would be closed through the winter and spring.  It seems like there would be a lot of nice days to camp and recreate in the region during those months.  What’s your take on it?

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    It’s probably a combination of budget constraints and a lack of demand. Winter can be pretty cold and wet in the north Georgia mountains.

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    Hello Jmoser, I’m planning on doing the exact same thing! Leaving March 31st for a week in Georgia!

    I’ll be staying at Cloudland from Sunday until Thursday, then packing up and heading a bit East to Mulberry Gap from Thursday to Saturday. If you see a green Forester with Wisconsin tags, stop by my campsite and say hi! I’ll probably have a white trailer with a green EZ-up.



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      Hi CraZivn… thanks will do. If you see a black Honda Pilot with a roof basket full of stickers just say hi, it might be me! LOL

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    Yes! Totally forgot about Mulberry Gap. Recommended! Get the meal plan so you don’t even have to worry about cooking.

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    Will keep an eye out for sure! If you catch me early enough in my trip I might still have some Wisconsin-born New Glarus craft beer aboard which I’m happy to share!



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