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      I am looking at buying a used 2009 Gary Fisher Marlin. The bike is in mint condition, only ridden a couple of times and only once on single track. Asking price is $400. My concerns are two:

      1. I am 6’4" and currently ride a 22.5" Trek 3700 while the Marlin is 21".

      2. The RockShox Dart 2 gets terrible reviews.

      I ride almost exclusively cross country and am fairly new to the sport but I want to start riding Copper Harbor Upper Michigan and do the Wisconsin Offroad Racing Series (WORS) this summer. Wondering if this is a good buy or if anyone has any suggestions for other bikes I could pick up used for under $700.

      Here are the specs on the Marlin:

      Frame & Fork:
      Frame Construction
      Frame Tubing Material
      Gold Series Butted Aluminum

      Fork Brand & Model

      RockShox Dart 2, 100mm travel

      Avid BB5 w/160mm rotor brakes, Avid levers
      Shift Levers
      Shimano Deore
      Front Derailleur
      Shimano Deore
      Rear Derailleur
      Shimano Deore
      Shimano M442, 22/32/44 teeth
      Wellgo ATB
      Rear Cogs
      9-speed, 11 – 32 teeth
      Bontrager SSR
      Bontrager Race Lux

      Bontrager SSR
      Handlebar Extensions
      Not included
      Handlebar Stem
      Bontrager SSR
      1 1/8" threadless Semi integrated

      Thanks for your time and God Bless.

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      You can upgrade a fork with little issue. My worry would be that the bike is too small for you. If you can get to the bike for a test ride, I would definitely do so.

      As for the Dart 2, I ride one. It’s without a doubt entry-level, but I haul buggy on it. I wouldn’t allow it to keep me from choosing a bike that’s otherwise my cup of tea.

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      The fork is a POS and I replaced it on my Marlin with a Recon airspring fork.

      On the other hand, I just used the Dart for my daughters bike 😆

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      You can get this hardtail 29er new for $600 in any size you want (up to 22") that comes with a pretty decent component spec: … -29er.aspx

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      Maybe he didn’t want a 29er….

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      "ollysj" wrote

      Maybe he didn’t want a 29er….

      Everyone wants a 29er 😼

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      "maddslacker" wrote

      [quote="ollysj":kczrq7kl]Maybe he didn’t want a 29er….

      Everyone wants a 29er 😼[/quote:kczrq7kl]Not here 😄

      btw. I didn’t saw he was asking for suggestions, so just ignore my post

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      "ollysj" wrote

      [quote="maddslacker":2t5s1dus][quote="ollysj":2t5s1dus]Maybe he didn’t want a 29er….

      Everyone wants a 29er 😼[/quote:2t5s1dus]Not here 😄

      btw. I didn’t saw he was asking for suggestions, so just ignore my post[/quote:2t5s1dus]
      I’m not dying to have one either!

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      Well I got it for $380 so I think that’s a pretty good deal. I rode it again and it felt like it fit really well and I figured for that price I could upgrade the fork if I needed too. Also the stem is 5mm shorter than the one I’m running now so I figured I could swap them out and get a little more stretch if I decide it feels a little short.

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      Congrats on the new bike. I ha a lot of fun with my Marlin, hope you too.. Do you have the black or green one?

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      Black and White and the thing looks AWESOME. I’m not gonna lie going from a really cheap mtn bike to the Marlin, the thing I like most about the look is how beefy the 1.5" head tube is.

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