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      Found this model bike on craigslist. The guy wants $200 for it. Ad states all is perfect with the bike just some scratches from the age. Is this a good bike for a beginner? Just want to do some light downhill and trail riding.


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      Hi there Logan,

      In case you’re interested, Here’s the MSRP and specs on the bike when sold.

      Personally, I would pass on it. 20 years is a long time when it comes to standards, in regards to part compatibility. When parts begin failing(which they will most assuredly do), you will likely find yourself in the situation where you can’t find quality replacement parts.

      20 years is also a very long time for the manufacturers to find out what works. Around 2000, it was still accepted thinking to keep the bars as narrow as possible with a steering angle as twitchy and nervous as you could make it. Comparing the 2000 Raleigh M to my current gen bikes makes me feel like I’m taking my life into my hands when I ride the Raleigh on the same trails.

      If your budget is ultra low, look for a current gen hardtail. If you can save a bit, you can find a mid-level full suspension on CL for not much more than a hardtail if you watch the listings for a bit.

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      Even if the bike is perfect, the fork is most likely dead. They had elostomer (sp?) inserts instead of springs or air and after time they dry up, you won’t get any good action, plus I’d bet the rear suspension is pretty bad as well. With that said, it sounds like the price is inline with what it should be.

      Value From Bicycle Blue Book:


      MSRP New:
      $1,000 Value:(?)
      $228 – $235 (Like-New)
      $218 – $225 (Excellent)
      $200 – $206 (Good)
      $135 – $139 (Fair)


      Make: Gary Fisher
      Model: Joshua X1
      Year: 1998
      Type: Mountain
      Sizes: Large, medium, small
      Colors: Black w/red swingarm

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      You got to admit though a handlebar mounted dampener adjuster from 2000 is pretty awesome though. I would go with a modern hardtail or a semi-recently made hardtail. If you get one that’s a bit older (2008-2011) you can get some really good hardtails for cheap … 2806f0f6e2

      I found this after about 4 minutes of searching mountain bikes and clicking the under 300 box on ebay. This is a newer version of my first mountain bike. That thing was bomb proof and I did downhill, enduro, dirt jumping, and XC on that bike. there’s also this. … 1ea1e44ce9

      Those might not be the bikes you want. In fact there’s probably something wrong with them, but the point is you can find half decent hardtail bike for under $300 dollars on ebay. Also older bikes (2000ish) can be fixed up, but it always take more money than you think. I learned that the hard way with my 1999 GT XCR-3000. But all said and done, it’s a great bike.

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