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      I’m new to GPS, so new in fact that I don’t own one but I’m anxious to get started. I am planning to buy a heart rate monitor that I can use for running and biking, but I really want to be sure that the GPS functionality will be suitable for mountain biking as well.

      I’m considering the Garmin Forerunner 305. It was recently reduced to $140 at, and comes highly recommended by my triathlon and running co-workers. Does anyone use this GPS and have any feedback?

      Some other questions:
      1) Will the data from the Forerunner GPS be uploadable to Singletracks? I believe it does GPX data, so it should, right? If not, how can I tell and what do I look for on other units?
      2) Are there any other considerations with mountain bike GPS that the Forerunner may be missing?

      EDIT: Since writing this I found the review of this unit on (though the price needs updating). Still, any other feedback from the forums would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance!

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      Yeah, glad you found the reviews. Also note that the Forerunner 305 was voted the best GPS for mountain biking this year as well.

      That being said, I don’t personally like biking with my Forerunner (it’s great for running). My biggest complaint is that it inhibits wrist motion, though you may be able to find a mount that lets you cinch it around your handlebars. Also keep in mind the screen is about half the size of an Edge and about a third the size of any other GPS so it can be tough to read when you’re bombing the trail.

      In terms of data compatibility, Forerunner data can be uploaded to singletracks but depending on which software you use you may need to do some conversion to get to GPX. Luckily there are dozens of (free) online tools to help you out (including the singletracks GPS data manager).

      One final note: Garmin designed the Forerunner and Edge 205/305 units for fitness, not navigation. They’re all decent at telling you where you’ve been but worthless for telling you where you’re going 😀

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      Thank trek, I forgot about the "Best Of" post. If I hadn’t started running I would consider a larger unit like the Edge but I think the Forerunner will work best because I can use it for both sports. In my price range, too.

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