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      Is anyone using the Garmin Etrex or a higher version of the Etrex like the Vista HCx? I am using an older Etrex that does not have the WAAS capibility and my tracks are a little choppy looking. Are the newer models better?

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      I use the Vista Cx and am very pleased with the results. I have never used another GPS so I can’t give a comparison. The interval of track recordings can be set to more often and usually results in a fairly accurate map. I have noticed some difficulty in following previous tracks while riding, especially when the trails are close together.

      Overall I’m very pleased with the unit.

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      I broke down and bought the Vista HCx and took it out today for the first time. It seems to track very well and did not shut off at any time during the ride. It has many more features than my old Etrex but I believe that it will be easy to learn. I submited my first track today. It is Little Mountain Falls Trail in VA. Once I learn More I will write a review.

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      I, i’m using a Vista hcx, very strong, not so easy to use but i think because I’m coming from another software ( Smartcomgps for nokia).
      I’m only in trouble creating map.
      Thought I like it

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      I am currently using the Garmin Etrex Summit HC. It’s the second GPS that I’ve owned (we do a lot of geocaching too, so within my family we have over 6 GPS’s) I am a big fan of the eTrex and often just start it and stick it in my jersey pocket until I need it.

      Overall, the eTrex series is really nice for what I need. It is a little big to mount to the handle bars (and I’ve heard that if you want to mount it make sure you put something in the battery pack area to snug it up). Like I said though, I have mine in the pocket and it works fine. Overall, I use Garmin’s MapSource software and the TopoGraphic add-on to map maps (plus I love that it shows elevation changes)

      If you have any question/problems, let me know – I know the GPS pretty well.


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      I’ve got a new Venture HC that works really well; even with good tree-cover I haven’t had any problem with signal loss. The software could be better, but I use a Macbook, so there’s that…it’s getting better, though. But the unit itself is fantastic.

      I was actually considering getting an Edge 205, but I’m not sure it’s worth it yet.

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      I have the Etrex Vista B&W. Its several years old and works well for low impact stuff. However, it seems to regurlary turn off on me during a ride. I’m surmising that it is battery slop combined with jarring of the handle-bar mount (even though my ride is cushioned by Fox 32 Float and RP-23!!)

      Anyone else have issues with Etrex Vistas pooping out during the ride?

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      I’ve got a Garmin ETrex Vista B&W, using a Marine engineered mount for it on my handlebars (rear reflector bracket with some double sided foam tape and a zip tie) and haven’t had any issues with it falling off my mount or turning off at any point.

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