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      Had in issue with my cadence sensor today.
      Here is what the data looks like.

      The first pause, well ( I’m going to get in trouble here ) I started the timer because my wife said she was ready to ride. Well need I say more we can see the delay before we actually got started…. 😀

      The second pause or rather lack of cadence data was not because I was coasting the rest of my trip. It was because of a shoe lace.

      You see while I was riding my shoe lace got caught on something.


      See those cable ties on the bottom of the sensor. This picture is from the user manual describing how to install the sensor. I followed those directions and the end of the ties stick out about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch. Just enough to catch on things.

      Once I saw what caught my shoe, I stopped and pushed the ties around so they faced inside towards the wheel. I guess in my pushing, I must of moved the sensor further then the 5mm distance I had set it originally to to pick up the sensor. Anyway I’ll check on the bike and see if it still is working. I think if I have to redo the sensor alignment I will make sure the ties are facing the other side.

      Hopefully it is just pushed a little bit out of alignment and not broken.

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