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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>   I own a Trek Fuel Ex 5, and I recently joined my high school’s mountain bike team. As the pre-season practices progressed I began to notice that most of the students had hard-tails rather than full-suspension mountain bikes. When I asked why, I got the same resonse from everyone that I asked. They all said that hard-tails were more efficient. This got me wondering. I began to ask if I should save up for a hard-tail to replace my full-suspension Fuel Ex. Is it worth getting a hard-tail to replace my Fuel Ex? And if so, which one should I get?</p>

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      Flip the switch on your rear suspension to “climb” and leave it there. Like magic, you now have a hardtail just like they do.

      But when they outgrow their bikes and switch to full suspension, you will already have one. Save your $$ and stick to what you have. It’s an awesome bike.

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      I agree with Chris. If you have a lockable rear suspension you can have a 2 in 1 bike whereas the other people will be wishing they had rear suspension when they start going down the trails.

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      Stick with youre full sus, you could consider a rear shock with more options like Climb, Trail, Descend, that might be a bit better. Enjoy your full sus for sure.

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