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      I’m finally taking the jump from hard-tails to the world of dual suspension, and I’ve narrowed down my field of bikes for consideration. In no particular order they are:

      Giant Reign 2

      Vitus Escarpe VR

      Trek Remedy 7 27.5

      Canyon Spectral AL 6.0

      Specialized Men’s Stumpjumper Comp Alloy 27.5

      If anyone has any experience with any of these bikes, or any recommendations for bikes at a similar price point, anything would be great, as even though I have experience with the intricacies of bikes, I’ve never owned a full squish before. Thanks in advance

      R.E: No preference on brands, but because of customs tax here in Australia, smaller names are unfortunately out of the picture 🙁

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      I can comment on the 2017 Escarpe and the 2016 Stumjumper Comp. The problem is that the new models of both bikes have changed in geometry this year.  Anyways, I’ll tell you what I know. The Stumpy is my bike, I bought it new. The Escarpe I borrow it often from my friend when I go down to Spain and I have spent many hours on it. The Escarpe is a great bike and comes with better components. The pedaling position was better for me than the Stumpy and I can climb all day on it. The Escarpe has a longer wheelbase (chain stays and top tube) and it was very noticeable how much more stable it was going down steep rocky descents than my Stumpy. The only time I missed my Stumpy was when we were doing very twisty single tracks through the woods. I have since upgraded the fork on my Stumpy with a Fox 34. It has a bigger offset than my old fork and has much less flex and it has improved the ride. The Stumpjumper is not an enduro bike, it’s a trail bike with a bit too much travel for it’s geometry in my opinion. The Escarpe is more closer to enduro with it’s geometry specs (especially the new model).  BTW It sucks to have to upgrade you components after you’ve spent so much on a bike. Anyways I hope this helps.  Good Luck!

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        Cheers for the advice, I’ll take with a grain of salt however, as this years Vitus has a higher BB height, and since 2016, the Stumpy has had numerous upgrades, both in geometry and tech. However, I’ll keep it in mind, so your answer is not in vain. Thanks 🙂


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      I test road a bunch of bikes over the last two years and was torn between the Giant Reign and Giant Trance. I loved the Reign but easy trails and climbing the Trance felt better. I finally went off the deep end and got an Evil Insurgent, it feels great on the easy trails, climbs better than the Reign, and has the flip adjustment to go Xlow for downhill (which I have not had a use for yet) and I love the bike.

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        Cheers for the advice, I’ll check it out 🙂

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      I’ve got about 6 rides on my 2018 Stumpy FSR Comp AL. It’s my third full suspension ride, but is by far the best. The thing is amazing, a true magic carpet ride. Since Specialized has the 2019s out, I got it for $2400. Heck of a ride for that coin, no doubt. Highly recommended.

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      Great list, really can’t go wrong.  Ridden 3 of them and all were great.  Think that if I could only own one bike it would be the Remedy, simply is the best all purpose bike I have ever ridden.

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