Full suspension topout?

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      I have a full suspension frame I picked up and threw together to check out. It has a CaneCreek AD5 air shock with only air adjustments. I only rode it a little before robbing parts back off of it for a couple other bikes.
      It seemed to ride ok except that the rebound has a hard hit at the top (there is no bottom out). I checked the presure and have tried a bit less but it feels too soft and still returns with a hard hit when the weight comes off the bike.
      I thought about trying the fox shock from my Titus to see if it would behave much different.
      Does anyone know if it is just a poor leverage design of the frame or would a shock with actual damping stop this?
      There are pictures of it on the following page.
      http://www.facebook.com/pages/TexasMoun … 1992792343
      If anyone recognizes what this bike please let me know.

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      Sounds like a rebound issue for sure. Not sure how old yours is or if the models have changed over the years, but the AD5 can be taken apart and you can change the internals to adjust rebound. A friend had one on his Gary Fisher and we serviced it a couple of times. The rebound in his AD5 is controlled by a brass bolt with a tiny hole drilled through the middle of it. This bolt attaches to the top of the piston inside the shock itself. You can change out the bolt to one with a smaller or larger hole depending on the rebound characteristics you want. Smaller hole=slower rebound. He got a tuning kit for his shock when he bought the bike that allowed you to adjust the rebound, the compression damping, and even the volume of the shock to change the spring curve. It had the extra bolts, shims and plates needed to adjust each. You can probably still find one online or just call cane creek directly and order it up.

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