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      Question for you full suspension folks, what percentage of wheel travel do you use on a typical ride? Do you like to occasionally bottom lightly and use all of the travel or maintain some “reserve” travel for an unexpected big hit (worst case senario)? I’m leaning toward the reserve camp to try and stay off my head in a worst case senario.

      Right now my suspension setup feels great, but I’m only using about 80% (of 150mm) on most rides. The sag on both ends is set up per the manuals, 25% for the rear ( Rock Shox Monarch R) and 15% for the front fork (Fox Rythm 34).


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      You sound like you are about right. My take (from years of motocross) is that you should only use about 80% of your travel in normal use and “remember” the times when you need all of it (overjump, case a jump, etc.).  That’s been my method and it’s worked pretty well so far…

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      I have been running 30% sag front and rear for years and typically only use about 80-90% travel on a typical ride. My rides are a mixed bag of smooth flow trails, studdery fire roads and rocky sections with small to medium jumps thrown in to keep things challenging. I prefer the softer suspension off the top of the travel.

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      I am not a very aggressive rider and I run 30% sag rear and 20% front and use about 85% on a normal ride with no big hits. On harder technical rides I use close to 100% but never feel it bottom.

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      I run 20% sag on a 165 mm travel. My rear wheel has a 3.5 inch travel. I do up to 24″ jumps and drops. I do bottom out some of the time but, mostly I use around 80% of the travel. When I do bottom out, I do not notice it.

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      Thanks for the replies folks. Think I’ll stay where I’m at for now, though going to max sag up front and adding a volume spacer has crossed my mind… That might smooth out the small stuff a little better.

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