Full suspension MTB for 2500$

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      I’ve been looking for a bike around 2500 usd and was wondering if anyone had any experience with bikes at this price point. I was looking at the canyon spectral al 6.0 ex does anyone know anything on that bike or any other trail bikes at that price!


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      For that price you can get a very nice FS bike, I have a Camber base model (paid $1500 brand new, sticker price $1900) and I’ve been enjoying it immensely all Summer. The Camber Comp (same frame as mine but with higher-spec components) goes for around $2500 IIRC, so if you’ve got a Specialized retailer in your area it wouldn’t hurt to try out one of those.

      I’m not saying the Camber is the best bike in that price range as it’s my first FS bike, but that’s my experience with a sub-$2500 bike and it’s been a positive one! Shop around, try out as many different bikes as you can and enjoy the shopping experience! Buying a new bike is exciting and fun.


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      Look for a 2017 Giant Trance 2, they list for $2700. You should  be able to find a leftover one for $2500 or less.  IMHO for the price point it is the best FS out there. I test road a lot of FS bikes last year at different demo days, and this was to be my new bike. Other financial obligations got in my way, so I am still riding my old bike.

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      You can find a very capable FS bike at that price point. Keep your eye open for close out deals right now. It’s a really good time to buy 2017 models that bike shops do not want to keep on their inventory going into next year.

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      I scored a 2016 Scott Genius 710 on eBay for about $2600. It was new in box; I had to assemble it myself, and if I have problems with it I’m sure I’m just hosed. But still…  Amazing bike for the price.  It wasn’t my first choice, but who cares?  I have a sick bike that’s super fun to ride now

      Plan on spending about $400 additional for anything you buy used, in my opinion.

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      I have the Airborne Plague.

      Plague Enduro 27.5

      It’s $2400 and it’s great!  I originally bought their Globin Evo hard tail and I was so impressed that when I wanted to move up to a full sus I went with Airborne again.  I love this bike!  I hardly ever tough my hard tail anymore.

      …and Jesse at Airborne has helped me out like you wouldn’t believe!  I lost a swingarm nut the other day and Jesse sent out a new one (no charge) and I got it next day (Ohio to Michigan).  Awesome service.

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      I’ve got a bunch of used for 1 season Marin Demo bikes in your price range.  All are custom builds and would retail for around $6000.  Used for one season on our east coast demo fleet (10 events or so.)  1 year warranty on frame and suspension.


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      Wow, some sweet deals there.

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      Hey Toptube

      We have a great, all-around FS bike that fits well within your price range (we are in Canadian dollars) and will check all the boxes for performance!

      Check out our review https://www.singletracks.com/blog/mtb-reviews/staran-fsm-140-trail-bike-long-term-review

      Drop me an IM or email and we’ll hook you up


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      Wow, I would seriously look at those carbon Marins.   If I were in market, I would.

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      Cube Stereo!  Right now chein Reaction is paying duty so you will get it for the price + shipping, there customer service is superb.  You can’t beat the components!  I pulled the trigger in January, first FS in my lifetime and I have had so much fun with this bike (5′ 11″ 275lb. thick build rider).  I am also glad I went 160mm travel.  I was nervous for such high travel but once you start rolling over rocks and drops like butter it was the best decision I could make.



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