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      I was just reading the review by element22 on the Giro Remedy gloves (btw, nice review) and it reminded me of a conversation I had just last night. I have only worn full-fingered gloves in the winter months when the temps drop, but it has been very hot and humid lately and there have been instances where my fingers have gotten wet causing some slippage. I began wondering if full-fingered gloves would help "remedy" this problem. Any thoughts? Other pros/cons? Glove recommendations?

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      I wear full fingered year round, although VT isn’t as hot as the Durty South.

      I hear for warm climates, the DaKine Step Up is a really good full fingered glove, it’s very thin and breathes well. Haven’t tried it personally, though.

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      I used to wear fingerless gloves exclusively but made the switch to FF several years ago. Yeah, they get sweaty in the summer but the advantages slightly outweigh the disadvantages to me.

      – Less bunching between palm and base of fingers.
      – Improved grip on brake lever finger.
      – More overall protection from scrapes and dirt.
      – Look more stylish (others may disagree).

      – Hot in summer
      – Less dexterity for pulling zippers on packs, taking photos, starting/stopping GPS, etc.

      Too bad they don’t make gloves like these anymore, then I might switch back to fingerless. 😀


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      I wear full fingered all year. The nice thing is they typically sell various versions of full fingered – some insulated, some thin as can be. The ones I wear are thin, don’t do the job of hand warming when it gets cooler up here, so I usually have to insulate them myself. Look around and check them out at your local LBS. I am totally agree with what trek7k said – the pros far outweigh the cons. Sure I take my glove off to take a picture – but I feel the added protection and grip (and we can’t forget the style points 😃 ) make them hands down the way to go.

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      I use mechanic work gloves from home depot…. Lol. I need to upgrade them too. What are the best gloves around for the flipping hot south?

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      I’m a fan of the Fox Airline gloves. Super light, and well ventilated. No padding though, not sure if you want padding or not. I’ve had mine for about a year, and the fingertips are starting to wear thin. The color options all suck…I had the white/gray ones, they got dirty instantly and stayed that way, even getting washed occasionally. They’re very comfy though.

      They’re cheap here: http://www.bikebandit.com/fox-airline-g … =338441125

      I’ve got a pair of 2011 Specialized XC lite gloves on order…not sure when I’ll get them.

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      I wear FF all year round, in the summer while riding i dont really notice how sweaty my hands are until it stop.

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      Fox and Dakine gloves ROCK!!! i have fox airline, dirtpaw and 360 gloves, and a pair of step ups that i got for next to nothing.

      im a huge fan of fox, i think the stuff looks great, and pretty much everything i’ve gotten from them holds up awesomely. lately i have been using Thor stuff, i used to wear Thor MX gear, and my godfather sent me some MX gear recently and i liked it so much on a DB i wore it on the MTB and if anyone is looking for awesome gloves that arent hot and offer great protection the Thor Phase glove and the Thor A/C gloves.

      i usually rock the phase gloves, but the AC gloves is the the "coolest" glove around, and still protects pretty well if you have to bail.

      sorry for it being so long, i think gloves are one of the most important things you can wear, its hard to live everyday life without your hands, and i have crashed and had to not use my hands because they were all scraped up so, i’ve spent a lot of time finding out what gloves are best. hence having so many pairs. 😄 😄 😄

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      I ordered a pair of 2011 Specialized XC Lite gloves a few weeks ago from my LBS because my Fox gloves were wearing out. I wanted to try something different, so I didn’t get the Fox gloves again, even though they were good gloves.

      Anyhow, I wasn’t sure when the Specialized gloves would come in, so when a pair of Six Six One 401 gloves showed up on Chainlove for cheap, I bought ’em. Of course, the Specialized gloves showed up the day after I got the Six Six One’s, so now I have two brand new very nice, and very similar gloves. Both are unpadded Clarino palm, slip on, and light.

      So it only makes sense to wear them both a good bit, then write a comparison. So…give me a month or two to abuse them both a bit then I’ll get back to ya.

      As a preview, see the 2010 Specialized gloves here – http://www.specialized.com/us/en/bc/SBC … 4&eid=5004 (the 2011’s are a little different)

      And check out the Six Six One’s here: http://www.sixsixone.com/Catalog_661Bik … 100a9d7420

      Initial impressions – the Specialized gloves are softer on top and feel more comfy. I haven’t ridden in them yet. The Six Six One’s palm is much more perforated than the Specialized, but I’m not sure which gloves will breath best on top. The Specialized gloves are a large and fit perfect everywhere except the thumb, it’s a little longer than it needs to be for me. The Six Six Ones are a medium and fit just a bit tight, but once they get worn some I think they’ll be perfect.

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      I picked up a pair of Fox gloves a couple of weeks ago wore them for the first time last night. I plan to write a formal review, but the two things that come to mind are: I definitely noticed the no padding and my thumbs, especially my left for some reason, were really pushing into the end of the glove finger.

      I’ll keep wearing them for a while. It’ll do my hands some good to toughen up a bit and maybe once they are broken in I won’t notice the thumb issues.

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      Quick update on the Specialized XC Lite vs Six Six One 401 gloves.

      I’ve had some time in the Specialized gloves now. I’ve found they dry very quickly, even if you fall in a creek and totally submerge them (ask me how I know…). Last weekend I did a 40 mile race in them where I got to spend nearly 4.5 hours in the gloves. They were good for a while, but after about two hours I started getting a hot spot in the palm of my hand between my thumb and index finger. There happens to be a lot of stitching on the glove that comes together in that area, which may be what caused it. The palms have some decorative stitching on them that doesn’t serve any purpose and shouldn’t be there in my opinion. The hot spot never got really bad, but I did notice it, and it’s something you shouldn’t have to think about when focusing on keeping up your pace. Was it caused by the gloves, or do I just put a lot of pressure on that spot? I don’t know, I’ll have to see if I get the same thing in the Six Six Ones.

      I’ve had one short ride in the 401s, and they were good. Didn’t notice any problems. But it was a short ride, only about an hour or so, not a good test. This weekend I’m doing a six hour race and plan to use the 401s, then I should be ready to write the formal review.

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      I purchased a pair of full fingered gloves for winter, but i ended up using them on summer days as well the keep the finger slippage in check for the summer sweats. they are sopping wet by the two 2 hour mark, but thats no different than fingerless…

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      I have Pearl Izumi Elite FF gloves and wore them in 90 deg days and never felt that I had sweaty or uncomfortable hands.

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      Impressive. if that’s the case- I’m going to have to test some out pronto.

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      "Gronckle" wrote

      Impressive. if that’s the case- I’m going to have to test some out pronto.

      Your hands are going to sweat in hot weather, reguardless of if wear gloves or not. What’s important is how comfy the gloves are when they get wet.

      Update on the SixSixOne 401 gloves – they’re the bomb. Better than the Specialized XC Lite. I’ve done two 5.5 hour rides in them now, and I like them. They breathe really well and didn’t cause any hot spots like the XC Lite’s did.

      One thing that may be a problem with them though is all that perforation on the palm. If you crash, they’ll fill up with dirt I bet. That would be bad, it would be like wearing sandpaper for gloves.

      BUT – that perforation is nice for letting some air in. So…just don’t crash 😆

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