Mountain biking season yet?

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      Anybody still have snow and can’t mountain bike?

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      If it was just snow up here in south western Ontario I would be out on fat  as usual but a major ice storm passing through here is on it’s 3rd day with non stop freezing rain , slush and cold temps stopped me getting out on the weekend ,

      Appears to be just a freezing cold rain now and I’m putting together some rain gear

      got to get Outside !and ride

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      We just got two feet over the weekend here in central Wisconsin, yesterday I used the fatbike to get to the bar!


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      What is snow? 🙂

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      I wasn’t aware the season ended. With the relatively dry winter in Utah this year there has been no stop to the season here.

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      It never ends in California, but I guess nothing ever does here.

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      I’m with Ivan. Southern Wisconsin wasn’t spared either. On the bright side, mild temps have finally moved in, and the trails should be dry enough to ride by next weekend.

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