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    I have a Raleigh tokul 1 and sometimes while im sitting in the saddle and doing a climb my front tire wants to lift, my bars feel like a comfortable width but do I need a longer stem to put my weight more over the front?

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    There are a couple things you can try.

    • Lower your handlebar height. If you have spacers on your stem already, just swap em around to get the bars a little lower.
    • Try shifting your weight forward and up, over the bars. Body positioning can make a big difference here. The tradeoff is if your front end is “heavier” and less wandery, that means you may start losing traction in the back, particularly when the trail gets steep.

    We actually shared these and other tips recently in a Facebook Live broadcast, which is archived here:

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    Slide the seat 1/2″ forward on the seat rails.


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