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      Hey guys, I have a 2010 Trek Cobia with Shimano M475 hubs and Rockshox Recon front suspension. Now it feels strange when I ride; I don’t know if it is a hub issue or suspension issue. When hitting a rocky area or roots or jumps or whatever it feels almost like I have a flat and jam the wheel rim on the ground. At first when it happened that is what I thought so I figured I was about to have to change a tube, however the tire and tube was fine. Now it does it more and more. I plan to disassemble the front hub and check the bearings and cup to see if there are any issues there. If the bearings are goofed up I’ll replace them but I fear that it won’t be that simple (or cheap) and I’ll probably need a hub…What do yuns’ think? Does this sound like a hub issue or possibly a problem with the front suspension??

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      See if the wheel moves side to side at all. Those hubs are notorious for needing frequent adjustment/tightening.

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      I checked the bearings and cups last night. Both were in good shape and are rolling smoothly. This has got to be an issue with the fork. I did notice that even when you switch the little lever on top to "lock-out" it doesn’t lock. My front suspension, I feel, probably needs some maintenance or servicing. Anyone know what this entails? Can it be done at home? LBS?

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      Have you checked the air pressure and the rebound setting for the fork?

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      According to Trek, the fork on my bike is a 2010 Rock Shox TORA SL SOLO AIR 29 T80mm w/G2 OFFSET w/STEEL STR, w/TURNKEY LO. It was set to my weight (around 190) when i bought the bike but i’ve never messed with the rebound. To be honest i looked at it for the first time the other day…i put it on the slowest setting (was on the fastest). this issue is definitely in the fork. The metallic "banging" i can feel (and sometimes hear) is the fork bottoming out or the fork returning and bottoming out on the upstroke. I really wish i could find what the air pressure is suppose to be in the non-drive side of the fork. I read on a forum that a 220lb rider kept it around 190psi. I’m not quite that heavy so i think i’ll put it around 180psi…not sure how i’ll find that psi around…On the drive side it doesn’t matter if i switch it to lock out or not it still does basically the same thing. i’m going to try to find a rebuild kit and change the seals. I don’t really know what else to do…..

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      There are not air adjustments on both sides of that fork. It is called solo air due to the fact that the non-drive side is air sprung and the drive side is coil sprung. This may be an issue with the lockout if your air pressure is adjusted close to the manufacturer’s recommendation. I have the same fork on the same exact bike and have not had any problems with the lockout though. If you are mechanically inclined you can take a look on Rock Shox website in their technical manuals. These manuals will show disassembly and maintenance. If you haven’t done so before it would also be a good time to replace seals and oil too. This alone will help in the overall performance of the fork.

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